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There will be many other balls at various other centers including the Mangueira carnival ball on February 11th. The largest one of a kind celebration in Europe is what the Notting Hill carnival is all about. Vibrant and beautifully colored costumers, hundreds of mouth-watering food stalls, and more than 40,000 attendees is what define the true spirit of this global celebration. The most exciting annual event in London, this packs full on fun activities like steel band competition, Kid’s day celebration, and makes all the people who bystander this extravaganza of fun and festivity get drenched in celebration and partying non-stop.
Held each August since year 1966, the Carnival of Notting Hill is the biggest festival commemoration of its sort in Europe.
First started as a local fair by the local West Indian group of people of the Notting Hill vicinity, it has nowadays turn out to be a vigorous Caribbean carnival, catching the attention of millions of tourists from all around the globe. The Notting Hill Carnival by and large gets on the move on the Saturday along with steel band competition and Sunday is children’s Day.

When the evening is in full swing, the floats depart the streets in traditional procession, and public carry continue celebrations at the lots of after parties of Notting Hill Carnival. These time-tested partnerships mean we can deliver the best price and service in the travel industry and a worry-free vacation.
Their innovative marketing programs and high customer service delivery are the keys to their success. One of the more important aspects of the Rio carnival are the carnival balls and the carnival for 2010 will hold the same magic for all to enjoy.
This carnival ball would be the best way to transform oneself into the atmosphere of the traditional samba schools and get to see the best of the samba school rehearsal. Adding life to the streets of London, this dates back its roots to 1966, when it was held on the occasion of the August Bank Holiday.
A celebration of fun, exhilaration, enjoyment, festivity people from all over the globe attend this to become witness of an event that is just one of its kinds and delivers anything and everything all will love to be present at least, once in life.
Each year the avenues of West London become vibrant, with the glitter of Europe’s leading street carnival.

With so many amazing floats and the reverberation of the conventional steel drum bands parties, scores of colossal sound systems and not forgettable the numerous of stalls that flood the roads of Notting Hill.
For all those who want to have the best of the local food should head to Lapa, where every night during the carnival will be an exciting party. Twenty miles of lively colorful costumes encircle over 40 stagnant sound arrangements, numerous Caribbean food stalls, more than 40,000 volunteers and greater than 1million Notting Hill celebration revelers. Generally it embarks on Great Western Road, afterwards winds its way the length of Chepstow Road, then to Westbourne Grove and in the last Ladbroke Grove. Merry making at Lapa will include the best of Brazilian music and also an excuse to get to know in details the Brazilian way of life. Rio carnival 2010 will be hosting many more carnival balls and any one can sure find lots of place to party.

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