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Google Play Music has partnered with TripAdvisor to put specific travel-focused stations and soundtracks inside the TripAdvisor Android app for users browsing their next target destinations. Within the next few months, usernames, quoted tweets, photos, and other media attachments will no longer count against the tweet’s 140-character limit. Now the latest app vying for a slice of movie success is Halfbrick Studio's Fruit Ninja. If someone is too old, too young, or you don't want to date anyone living in a different city, you can eliminate those groups from the people you'd like to meet.

Instead of spending days or weeks trying to meet someone who "might" be a good match, you use your profile to narrow down the dating field. The information you provided in your dating profile is then used to find a match with singles who have similar interests. You provide the information, and the online dating site will help find other singles that match the kind of person you'd like to meet. The dating website will return a list of suitable singles that you can then choose to meet.

It will also (finally) let users start tweets with usernames without first adding a period, and natively retweet themselves.

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