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It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. A child who's been dry and suddenly starts wetting the bed may have an infection, or a big life change such as a move may be bothering her. By keeping it positive and involving her, you'll help build her confidence and encourage good bedtime habits. If your child stays dry a number of nights in a row, offer a small reward like a fun breakfast or small book. If she wets, be supportive and remind her that results will come if she keeps up her efforts.

Provide Simple RemindersMake using the bathroom just before he gets in bed part of his bedtime routine.
Does Waking During the Night Help?Resist the urge to wake your child a lot during the night. If you use this approach, waking once a night should be enough, perhaps right before you go to bed yourself. Keep in mind that if you deprive your child of rest and sleep, you may increase his level of stress.
Involve Your Child in Cleaning UpWhen he wets the bed, he can put his PJs in the hamper or help you change the sheets. The idea is to make him more aware of his bedwetting without scolding him or making him feel ashamed.
Cleaning a Mattress: Step 1If you need to clean urine from a mattress, first use towels to blot up as much as you can. Cleaning a Mattress: Step 2Once you've blotted up as much of the urine as you can, saturate the entire area of urine stain with hydrogen peroxide. Cleaning a Mattress: Step 3Once the mattress is dry, sprinkle baking soda over the entire area and let it stand for 24 hours.

Easing Sleepover StressIf your child is nervous about sleepovers, remind her of the steps she uses to stay dry at home. Giving her disposable underwear and extra clothes in case of an accident might put her at ease. A sleeping bag with waterproof lining may also help.Beforehand, notify the adult host that your child may have some worries about bedwetting.
Explain to siblings that bedwetting is something their brother doesn't have control over and that he needs everybody's love and support.
Bullying at School About BedwettingIf your child avoids other children or comes home with unexplained injuries, she may be being bullied.  Listen to what your child says. When to Call the DoctorIf your child is still bedwetting at age 7, consider setting up a doctor's visit. Also, see the doctor if your child suddenly starts wetting the bed after being dry for 6 months or more.

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