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I read this series around 9 years ago and honestly, I don't remember a thing about the plot.
So what I do remember is that the main character was a girl and she had this slightly older mentor (male, and his name might have started with a 'C').
I also remember that at the end of the series, she didn't end up getting romantically involved with her mentor even though young me was desperately rooting for them. There might also have been a tree involved somewhere, but I might be mixing that up so don't take my word for it about the tree. If you don't remember anything about the plot, how do you remember that it was a fantasy trilogy? The main character is a girl named Maerad, and she travels around with an older male mentor named Cadvan. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example). The cover I'm most familiar with doesn't quite match the wintry scene, being a fairly generic background, but there are other covers and the rest of the details seem to match.
The description made me think of Cherryh's "The Paladin", though I don't think all the details fit.

While we already have an accepted answer, other answers that match the question are useful to have because they may help others looking for a similar book. In The Paladin, the female protagonist does become romantically involved with the main male character.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged story-identification or ask your own question. Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? Are there any quick way to tell if a filter is high-pass, low-pass, or band-pass, just by looking at the transfer function in the s domain? As I was looking through the 2013 challenges that my friends took on, many chose to do Donalyn's Book Gap challenge. I have no idea what they did or if they had a quest (they probably did though) but I do remember that at one point she was trapped in a place or castle in a very cold, snowy environment. The first book has appendices expanding on the world and its background, very realistically making it sound as though the story is actually real-world mythology, like a novel version of found-footage films (which I thought was pretty cool).
Also, Lackey was known for including a list of filk songs and other details in the back of the third book of her trilogies. I'm not even certain that it was a trilogy, but it was definitely a series and all the books were published before 2006 thereabouts.

In fact, I'm fairly certain that the cover of the second (?) book was a very wintry one of the girl in said cold environment. It was also one of those fantasy series with an appendix of sorts at the back expanding on the world and briefly expanding on the background of the guy, if I'm not wrong. In the second book, Arrow's Flight, she's trapped in a shelter in the midst of a snowstorm with Kris, a slightly older Herald, and he teaches her proper control of her gift, which is the rare power of Empathy. Graphic novels are one of my favorite formats of books and I love what they have done for my kids' reading.
The appendix also talked about the girl and her various names, like a prophecy name or something. She does get romantically entangled with him and is conflicted over it, particularly since Kris's best friend, Dirk, is in love with her.

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