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Today we woke up and got our day started around 9am (a glorious 3 hours later than usual… heaven) and decided to do some shopping.
As we walked the Hubs decided to pop into Zellars as we hadn’t been in ours in years and he was browsing for a new toy he wanted. I continued the bathing suit hunt in old Navy having spied a brown one I semi-liked a few weeks back. The Hubs migrated over to the electronics section whilst I curiously walked over to the active wear section. I was SO surprised–they had several really cute bathing suits that I really liked, and I ended up buying a super cute black one for $25! I was so ready to get home by that point, as we had already been out for nearly 5 hours and had been all over town. I love Perez because though his site is primarily used to blog about celebrities, he also includes entries about things going on in the world before issues hit the major newspapers. Wow… I completely missed it, but a few days ago my little blog passed the mark of 3000 unique visitors!!!! I like grocery shopping because then I can eat things other than BLTs (which we’ve been eating for the past 3 days). I love spring for its milder weather… the kind of weather where you can go out in a sweater without dying of summer heat.
I love spring because when it’s here you know that it signals the end of winter and the coming of summer.
I love spring because you can see pavement and sidewalks again, which after a couple of months of trudging to the bus stop through uneven, poorly plowed, snow covered sidewalks, is REALLY exciting. I often wonder why I bother to read them– they are often offensive, and certainly their immediate message is not very uplifting. I Heart My Shoes by Shop Girl* is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License. At first glance, love and hate seem to be opposite emotions that cannot be directed at the same person at the same time. Love encompasses a larger range of emotional experiences while hatred is usually very precise and directed. You may have a deep sense of love, gratitude, and appreciation for your partner, and at the same time, you may hate the fact that they are dishonest. When a person in the relationship focuses on the positive traits of a person, they say they love them.
One of the most profound things about love and hate is that with love we are selfish and demand exclusivity, but with hatred, we want others to share in our misfortunes.
Since the evolution of the smart phone in the late 1990s, almost everybody in the developed world have grown increasingly attached to these digital devices. While this may be true to some extent, many still believe that life was simpler before these devices were invented. I’m sure you could recall a time in the past when you simply met someone at a certain time without needing to message or Whatsapp that you were going to be late. Well, the smartphone initiated the transition that led to us needing our offices less while giving us the chance to work with people thousands of miles away. More recently, Apple with its iOS and Google with their Android technology have swamped the market with sleeker and more powerful multi-media devices which combine camera, web access, email, and voice in an irresistible package. While the impact of smart phones on the quality of our personal and social lives may be questionable, the benefits surrounding the improvements to mobile technology can’t really be argued with. We can now sync our data across laptops and phones, thanks to cloud computing and apps like Producteev and Evernote.
Whichever way we look at it, we have to admit that smart phones are more of a help than a hindrance in the business world.

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about a broken link on your site. I came home from school, had a two hour nap, woke up, had dinner and spent some time with the Hubs before we both passed out without meaning to. At the last minute I decided to grab umbrellas as we headed out the door, as the forecast said there was a possibility of light rain later that afternoon.
We have had a gift card for a couple of months that I wanted to use, and I also needed a new bathing suit as I want to start taking an aqua fit class with Karog at le gym! He went in to price out a Nintendo DS, and ended up enamoured with a great deal on those mini PSPs.
I remembered buying a bathing suit there a hundred years ago just before my 17th birthday (that I still have and LOVE) so I thought I’d give it a go. I had planned to stop at the tanning salon on the way, but as we got on the bus the heavens opened and out poured the rain.
I made the Hubs come and give me his vote on the two I liked best and after being yelled by a Walmart lady for standing in the doorway of the change room.
As we stood huddled in the bus shelter my phone rang and I realized that I had made plans for a hot chocolate outing with a friend of mine who was in town this weekend.
In the year that I have been reading his site, I’ve discovered Rhianna, MIKA, Adele, the Jonas Brothers, Paul Potts, Leona Lewis, and SO many more.
Sometimes I think it’s my favourite season, then I am often quickly reminded that it is not. Yet, with the end of winter comes melting which equals wetness which equals wet bottoms on my pants… which is one of my biggest ever pet peeves. But with spring also comes the dreaded combination of essay AND exam season which is just about the worst time of the year… ever.
But then the sidewalks are completely covered with 2 inches of the sand they’ve used in the winter when it was too cold to salt them, which equals in dirty shoes and dirty pants until the city gets around to cleaning them again sometime in May. The very first time someone sent me the link I was horrified because I didn’t really understand what I was reading. You can love someone but hate specific things about them, thus the expression of hating the one you love. When you are exposed to those specific circumstances, hatred can over shadow your love — but love is still there.
Because hatred and love cause an emotional conflict within us, one of them has to fade away — they cannot be equal. Loving and hating the same thing about a person is psychologically incompatible and can lead to emotional dissonance or confusion of mixed emotions. We are willing to share the source of our hatred with others but not the source of our love. We have come to the point where some of us can do away with laptops or tablets because of what our smart phones are capable of.
With their relentless expansion, smart phones now come with numerous apps to make our lives simpler and easier.
We were happy to be who we were without the desperate need to constantly know what’s going on with our friends’ lives, or to provide an immediate answer to a gnawing question. In fact, if you ask many businesses now what their most important technology choices are, their answers would almost definitely be the smartphone.
While BlackBerry is back in the game with the BlackBerry Z10, it remains to be seen if they can regain their former glory as the kingpin of the mobile business world. The rise of smartphones has allowed many workplace innovations to occur – from increased flexibility and lowered costs to improved reach to new clients. Co-workers from around the globe can also collaborate with each other or stay better connected with colleagues anywhere in the world.

After all, our first thoughts in the morning might be to check our smart phones and that may not be very healthy.
While they do eat away gradually into our lives, I believe that their pros do outweigh their cons. I woke up at 4am with all the lights still on, make-up still on and I was not in my jammies. I was sorely disappointed with their lack of selection in first, bathing suits, second, bathing suit cover ups, and third, shoes. So I really only like spring on dry sunny days after exams are done and I haven’t overeaten and my shoes are still clean.
I think I’ll just stay with having summer as my favourite as it eliminates most of my spring worries.
There was one this week that actually really bothered me… yet at the same time, I am absolutely fascinated by the fact that people think and feel these things and feel strongly enough about them to show them to the world. Of course, these shades can share similarities but when hating the person you love, they usually don’t. As personal circumstances and conditions change feelings toward an individual can change with them. Hatred in this instance is used as a form of communication where love and other forms of communication have failed.
We might also feel an incessant need to constantly check our these devices even while during our commutes or meetings. I sleepily closed everything down, brushed my teeth and climbed back into bed and slept until 9am. We ended up chatting for over an hour in my favourite little downtown cafe before I dragged my tired little body back on the bus and headed home.
So really, I only like spring on dry sunny days after exams are over and when I don’t overeat. It is described as (on the site): You are invited to anonymously contribute your secrets to PostSecret.
I’m positive that the site would not be so popular were it not anonymous, but apparently these secrets are mailed by the hundreds every week. No matter how much light is in a room there is always darkness, in the absence of light, darkness prevails. In total I slept nearly 12 hours, and here it is, 9pm, and I’m already ready for bed again. Who wants to pay $80 for something that’s just going to get ruined in the hot tub anyway?
I needed a few things, so I began checking things off my list when I found the cutest white flip flops that I love and I remembered that they had a bathing suit section.
Each secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything – as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before.
So, in a nutshell, people mail in their secrets and some are posted on a blog, and others in books, etc.

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