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Barking Frog Farm would like guest photographers to share their work with the Friday Photo feature. An early inspiration for this holiday tradition was a visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
We also read Bone Button Borscht, written by Aubrey Davis and illustrated by Dusan Petricic. The third book we read was Bear Says Thanks, by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman.
Mousekin’s Golden House, written and illustrated by Edna Miller,  is a great post-Halloween read.
Miller does a wonderful job giving voice and personality to this little mouse while staying true to the facts of nature.
My daughter feels like she is in on a big secret when she plants, picks, and cooks purple beans.
Next spring or summer, if you get a late start, consider planting purple beans in your garden and grow your own magic! On a Sunday in August, I found myself at Chester Sunday Market, a wonderful farmers market started a few years ago. All products are fresh and locally sourced—colorful jams and jellies, sea green pickles, warm ripe tomatoes, juicy peaches, crusty loaves of bread, and delicious looking baked goods. Slightly disappointed, but still wanting to support this farmer, I continued to browse the table: fresh fruits and vegetables, preserves, and pies.
Thanks Coach with our faith,we claim the victory over the devil.Tell your family hello and the boys send their love. Hollye’s book, The Silver Lining: A Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer, was published by Simon & Schuster on March 2014. When I brought a plant into the office at Brown Alumni Magazine, the entire staff all stood around talking about it. If you visit the museum in December—and you really should—each stone window sill is lined with red amaryllis plants in terra-cotta pots.

Aurora loves to arrive anywhere bearing gifts—if not chocolate chip cookies, then an amaryllis will do. A librarian at my local library recommended Thanks for Thanksgiving, written by Julie Markes and illustrated by Doris Barrette.  It is a winner!
One moonlit night, Mousekin, a little mouse, travels down a path and walks right into a jack-o-lantern. We put it near the playground fence so everyone could watch and see if a little mouse would call our jack-o-lantern home. During the growing season, chlorophyll is continually produced and broken down, produced and broken down. Local farmers and merchants set up stands in the center of Chester, a small town on the Connecticut River.
Last year I bought bread & butter pickles for my daughter, Aurora, at one of the stands. She sees, in her mind’s eye, peaches warming and ripening in the summer sun and crisp red apples ready to be picked as the fall days shorten. Someone in the group produced a ruler and stuck it into the pot to measure the flower stem. He finds the big-faced pumpkin interesting—so interesting that he forgets to watch for danger and he’s almost snatched by an owl.
In the kitchen, I washed the purple beans, put them in a bamboo steamer and turned up the heat. Aurora was five years old, loved all things purple, and liked to eat green beans with soy sauce.
When the beans are heated, the surface molecules break apart and expose the chlorophyll underneath. While walking through the market I recognized the farmer who made the pickles Aurora loved. All—family, friends, teachers, co-workers—who receive one of these dramatic plants are delighted and curious.

When they were done cooking, I turned off the stove, opened the steamer, and placed the now-green beans on a plate.
As the nights grow colder and the days get shorter, the sugars in the trees stop running. The lack of sugar means chlorophyll productions stops and the existing  chlorophyll breaks down to reveal the pigments—carotenoids and anthocyanins. I scanned her offerings—plum jam, ginger peach jelly, garlic dill pickles, and more, but no bread and butter pickles.
I believe this to be an important and grounding force for children, and for adults, really.
Maybe I’ll have to take her to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum this year and share my original inspiration. Thank you for fall and gold leaves floating by.…Thank you for play dates, for swings and for slides. Together the beggar and the village folk make a delicious soup, a festive feast and a new bond with each other that lasts for many years. The first time we cooked, them I was surprised when I opened the pot and found bright green beans.
I asked if they had any, and the farmer checked in the back of her truck, thinking maybe she had more. I suspected it had something to do with chlorophyll and heat, but I didn’t know for sure. The plant changes every day—shoots emerge from the bulb, sometimes growing many inches in a day, then form buds that open into beautiful trumpets.

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