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This was debate on love, I have collected best love quotes for you that I am sure you are going to like and share with your friends. Love relate to strong emotions and personal attachment with someone whether it can be in form of girl and boy who are in love, also love can be related with your family, friends, relatives, parents  and with God.
When you are in love with someone you always try to do different things that your loved one likes. You always try to do things that your loved one likes and you always dream to pass most time of your life with your loved ones.

Consider love between boy and girl, when they are in love with someone they don’t care about anything and always think about each other.
They always dream that one day they will be life partner but sometimes their true love breakup in a very tragic way that makes their life hell. Also loves can be related to God, like when love your God you always do things that Your God will like. Loving your parents is also good thing, parents always think about future of their children and they love their children more than anything.

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