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If the damage from Nicol Bolas’s third ability is prevented or redirected, the rest of the effect will still happen.
For the third ability, if the player is an illegal target when the ability tries to resolve, the ability is countered and none of its effects will happen. Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 is releasing today on PSN, bringing decks and enemies not before seen or played in any Duels of the Planeswalkers games. With nearly 100 Magic cards from the upcoming Magic 2013 card-set release, Duels 2013 is your first chance to play with these new cards.
If you’ve never played Magic before, or if you are a battle-tested veteran, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 is a perfect way to enjoy the game. If Duels 2013 does not include the previous years’ entries, is there any plan for a value pack sorta thing like PSN has been doing for certain games lately (Mafia, RDR, etc.)? Hopefully this version has some gold trophies and a platinum – people that spend tons of hours on these games should be rewarded just like people that spend tons of hours on other games.
Also would be nice to have a records page, where you can see how many games you’ve played with each deck, and how many wins and losses you have with each deck. These were the main things missing in the first two games – hopefully they are in the 2013 version! Despite being a game populated primarily with CARDS, the load times were inexplicably long, there were slowdowns, and no custom music (doubly unacceptable for a PSN game and triply unacceptable for being a game with no gameplay-relevant sound). Still going to buy, you can’t beat that $10 price tag, but there are definitely still improvements and addition to be made. If you have played Yu-Gi-Oh on PSP you must have noticed that it fits really well and it is really comfortable! Infinite WarfareYour first look at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, including details on Modern Warfare Remastered. Of course, that’s perfectly okay because spoiler season and the build up to a new Standard format is one of the most exciting times for Magic players. Mana ramp is normally in green so getting the ability in blue and red could be a huge boost for those colors. Direct damage is excellent at winning planeswalker wars even when your opponent has blockers to protect his planeswalker. The newest Magic: the Gathering Duel Decks got released over the weekend, and like always, the price kept climbing so I waited until I spotted them for MSRP and picked up a pair.
I really love the Duel Decks when they introduce a concept that is above the scope of the Intro Decks.
In the span of three games, I had one blowout where Sorin just couldn’t get the mana needed (which is crazy because it includes 25 lands), but another one when the full power of bloodthirst just worked. The full breakdown of the deck include 8 rares, two premium mythics, and seven cards with new art.
Cards with new art are Lingering Souls (which is actually the FNM art just not in foil), Mortify with hauntingly destructive art, a mega creepy Spectral Procession, Death Grasp with art that can only be described as “badass” (and first time in the modern frame too).
Cards in the modern frame for the first time from Sorin’s deck are Mesmeric Fiend, Decompose, Ancient Craving, Field of Souls, and Tainted Field.
Notable reprints in Sorin’s deck include Wall of Omens, Twilight Drover, Fiend Hunter, Vampire Nighthawk, Sengir Vampire, Butcher of Malakir, and Unmake. In Tibalt’s deck, the cards with new art include Browbeat that features a giant screaming cloud-head of Tibalt and Blighting shows a guy getting electrified by Tibalt. For the first time in the modern frame, Tibalt’s deck shows off Blazing Salvo, Recoup, Breaking Point, and Sulfuric Vortex – it’s like Odyssey block all over again!

Notable reprints in Tibalt’s deck include Hellspark Elemental, Lavaborn Muse, Hellrider, Pyroclasm, Terminate, Flame Javelin, and Devil’s Play. Specifically, the number of cards discarded and permanents sacrificed isn’t tied to the amount of damage dealt. In addition to new cards, there are new ways to play the game such as a skill challenges and a new format of game play called ‘Encounters’ where you have to overcome a very specific obstacle with your deck. With a simple to learn introduction to the game, you can learn to play Magic for the first time or all over again. The decks from 2012 won’t be included, but the new decks are pretty amazing, and the new features really help make the game stand out. The music in the past two, while not bad was so repetitive that I finally had to turn it off. Last time I bought 2012 day one printed the coupon and went directly to my local participating store and was told all promo cards were gone. Not only could it be the game, but it could have a life tracker option for when you are actually playing Magic. I downloaded it and installed it but when it gets to the press start screen, it just makes a noise when I press start. I know there are people out there who want to enjoy the game online without the hassle of having to grind through every deck for all the cards.
Sony should look into offering Special Editions of the PSN games they release as an option. Seems like an awful lot of view toggling would be necessary, since it would be hard to make out the opponents cards, if it were all squashed onto one screen. I was just getting comfortable with Gatecrash Standard and then I check out Daily MTG to find out that the first Dragon’s Maze preview week starts today. For example, with only five mana, you can cast Ral Zarek, untap one of your lands, and then cast a Searing Spear to kill something. For instance, untapping Gilded Lotus gives you a ton of mana ramp while untapping Izzet Staticaster allows you to use her ping ability again so she can take down two toughness creatures.
Searing Spear is one of the best cards in Standard and Ral Zarek gives you two of them at four mana without ticking up his loyalty.
Once a year, Wizards release a set of Duel Decks focused on a pair of Planeswalkers battling it out and this year, we’re going back to Innistrad as Sorin and Tibalt go head to head. In Sorin’s case, his black-white deck follows a fantastic core concept: just because you have less life, that doesn’t mean you’re losing. A red black deck filled with filtering, discarding, unearthing and flashback does a great job showing that discarding isn’t always a bad thing. The singleton nature of the deck construction makes for swingy games, but shows how important customizing your deck is. Play with your friends as your battle leaps between planes, experiencing excitement and surprise as new Planes and Phenomena cause the game to change unexpectedly. Improved deck customization is nice, though yes I would like to be able to edit land count as well. That said, the iPad version sounds pretty great right now, but unfortunately I have a Vita, not an iPad.
Whether the best deck is Exalted Darkness for example, or if we had deck customization and someone made their own best deck, when certain players find the best deck, they use it, period.
Note this is not as good as Tamiyo’s tap ability because your opponent will untap it on his untap step.

Plus, you get to untap a land, which you can use to cast something like Pillar of Flame or Unsummon.
Also, you do have the option of going up to eight loyalty before activating the ultimate to keep Ral Zarek around during your extra turns. For the spring releases now, it seems like Wizards is sticking to two planeswalkers from the previous block which I love for two big reasons: it makes planeswalkers super accessible to casual and new players and it ties back in with sets you can currently buy. For experienced players, this is a lesson you learn over time, but to teach new players the importance of board state is a great one. If you’re an experienced player though, there are still some interesting parts and pieces to pick through. The inclusion of two planeswalkers, Hellrider and many staple pieces of removal make this just a solid package.
I think the store owners dish them out to friends and family instead of fulfilling the customers who actually buy the game.
And manual land tapping is also a welcome improvement, although with just one multi-color deck and no option to mix and match cards to make our own decks, it isn’t as useful an addition as you may think. At four mana, you can tap out for the planeswalker, untap a land, and protect him by casting Fog on your opponent’s turn.
You can attack with the hard-to-block creature and then untap him because he’s one of the best ground blockers in Standard. They can float the mana in response but you can force them to use it by moving to the combat phase. These Duel Decks also include two spirit tokens with Magic card backs (with the Avacyn Restored art),  two deck boxes (which can’t fit sleeved decks), a how-to-play insert and a strategy insert outlining how the decks work.
Plus the deck is a decent starting point for a black-white vampire deck or token deck and showcases the power of bloodthirst while teaching the importance of holding back plays.
Tibalt also relies heavily on punisher cards that are an excellent opportunity for learning when to pay the life and when not to.
Sorin makes great use of Decompose and Unmake to stop Tibalt’s graveyard cold, while Tibalt busts out Pyroclasm to keep tokens under control. For super serious players, you made up your mind the first day these decks were spoiled (here’s a hint: Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and Hellrider pay for this by themselves). The voucher is not valid with any other offer, is not transferrable or redeemable for cash, and is void where prohibited.
For casual kitchen table players, this deck is just a delicious way to revisit the past with some new cards as well.
But at the very least, let us make custom decks with the cards that are available to us in the game. Just set up the online so that players using custom decks play against other players using custom decks and players using normal in-game decks play against other players using normal in-game decks.
For players on a budget, getting Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and 119 other cards for $20 is a steal.

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