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Grownups, this area's just for you: Find advice for getting your kids involved in family history, including books and Web sites to help with homework and resources for lesson planning. Play games to practice your detective skills and make crafts to show off your family history. You'll learn how to gather genealogy clues from relatives and records, then use them to solve family history mysteries.

In this area, you'll find lists of supplies to use in your investigations, forms and charts to record the clues you dig up, and cool books about genealogy and history to inspire further sleuthing. Maybe you've heard a story about a Civil War soldier in your family, or you have the same last name as someone famous and want to find out if you're related.
Family Tree Kids is a site where you learn how to become a "family detective" and dig up clues about your ancestry.

Our games and activities are created just for kids—none of that boring grownup stuff—so you can have fun tracing your roots!

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