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The first and the most famous robot doggie Aibo, designed by SONY in 1999 (I have to say, the Japanese people is genius in entertainment!), has open the age of home entertainment robots. Aibo is an autonomous robot doggie that acts both in responses to external environment and according to its own judgment.
It can even express various emotions, grow through learning, and communicate with human beings!

For those who are a bit lazy but would love to experience the fun of raising pets, and don't want to pay any charge, adopting a virtual pet on line would be a great idea! You can feed it, take it for a walk, groom it, make it do tricks or whatever…and there is a huge virtual pet fans community…you can make friends from all over the world!
Not like the pet systems in other MMOs, eudemons will assist their masters in pvp and pve combats, taking most of the damage.

Players can summon up to 3 eudemons at a time and can upgrade their pets to higher level through different composing.

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