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In a nutshell, responsive web design is a way to make a website look and behave correctly on every device you could use to access it – desktop, smartphone, tablets and more. Ten years ago most people only accessed the internet through a standard computer or laptop. Responsive web design is the web design answer to a growing world of devices that span all shapes and sizes. When it’s done right responsive design is a beautiful thing that increases engagement due to ease of use.
In desktop websites for many businesses it’s crucial to have your address and a map embedded in your site so that people can find you. The second piece is one or more CSS documents which apply design and style to the framework the HTML lays out.
One defines the look on a desktop site, another defines the look on tablets and a third defines the look on a mobile phone. Anyone building a website in today’s market needs to strongly consider using a responsive site to keep up with the devices their visitors using. The easiest method to use to create a mobile-optimized website is to build a responsive site – using a responsive website theme or template.   Responsive website themes and templates adjust the layout of the screen to where the page, URL, and images all remain the same. Reason 4:  Mobile optimized websites are SEO friendly and can boost search engine rankings. Welcome to Small Business Sense!Feel free to browse around to check out our latest and greatest articles from the site.
For years websites were developed to look good on these screens and no thought was given to any other shapes or sizes.
The goal is to make one beautiful website that is easy to use and takes advantage all the features available regardless of your device.
When it’s done right it goes beyond just showing the same content in a different sized screen and instead adds functionality and strips away unnecessary content. These two people are unlikely to want the same sort of house simply because living in a house that’s built to accommodate the needs of a seven-foot-tall person will leave the four-foot-tall person struggling and vice versa. A responsive webpage is usually built in two pieces: First is an HTML document which contains code that defines what should show up in the site and the general order it should show up in.

The CSS might make things sit next to one another when viewed on a desktop site but sit on top of one another when viewed on a phone. In theory one could add a fourth to say what to do when someone shows up using Google Glass or a smartwatch. The good news is that responsive web design is becoming more and more common through powerful website building platforms such as DudaOne. When he's not helping you make the perfect website you might find him cooking to the sounds of Iggy Pop or piecing apart the newest tech he can get his hands on. Sites optimized for mobile greatly enhance the user experience for your visitors making it easier for them to navigate your website, read your content, share your content via the web.
Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners. Web Design RM Perth offer modern and advanced web design, development, graphic design, and marketing and search engine optimization.
Instead of just a computer you can now access websites from phones, tablets, game systems, internet connected TVs and the list just keeps getting longer.
The best solution would be if the house could transform to fit the user, making the shelves more reachable for a shorter person, making the doors and shower taller for a tall person. In contrast, on a tablet or a mobile phone you’re better served with a button that leads to a map in your favorite mapping and GPS app. If you want a block of text you would announce that and say what’s inside it with HTML, if you want an image inside it or after it, that’s also HTML.
CSS can round corners, change colors, create transitional effects, it can even hide completely unnecessary content on one view or another. These tools allow for completely customized versions of the same information on different devices, and even allows for information that shows up exclusively on one device or another.
This takes the coding out of the equation and lets you simply drag and drop elements into your website.
A mobile responsive website will help you connect better with your customers and of course more customers can bring more sales.With technology, came variety and diversity, even in the world of websites. Obviously this is wildly impractical to implement with houses but it’s exactly what we can do in responsive web design.

Not only does this save space, but it also lets your visitors find their way to you without missing a beat. If you’re building a standard old website you might only make one CSS document which will define how the HTML should look on a computer, but in a responsive site you make multiple. By creating a strong but simple basic layout in the HTML you give yourself a sort of template that is then translated and shaped by the CSS to create multiple unique views that are optimized for the various screen types you might run into. It’s a straightforward way to build a responsive website in a way that plans for the future of the business by considering the future behavior of your visitors. To build a truly responsive website you need to think about what a person needs when they find you on a desktop computer versus on a tablet versus on a mobile phone; and address each in turn with a great design.
It keeps your site looking great no matter what new devices those visitors end up adopting.
Do you realize that the number of net users browsing on their mobile has multiplied in recent years due to the release of smartphones and tablets?
Hence we help clients by making the sites as easily accessible to all type of screens so that no matter what the pixel size is, the website doesn't prove difficult for the user to navigate. We also try to design the site in a single page format so that the content doesn't get confusing for the users as they read through it.But you still think there’s a bit of a problem. We realize the world is going to be at our fingertips and so should be the business!Responsive Web Design is useful to you because it enables you to reach a wider range of people.
This is because we all know that there is a difference in the way a website is viewed on smartphones and tablets. So that it is not irritating to constantly navigate through the page for accessing the data.Also our web designs are up to date with the modern technology. You can be sure that your site will have all the bells and whistles Tempted to build your site right away?

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