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Shree Bharat Co-operative Bank Limited, Wadi, Vadodara got a certificate and trophy for banks appreciable work done amongst the Gujarat State Co-Operative Banks. Bank Offers cash credit by keeping in mind the working capital requirement of clients to meet the gap between Current Assets & Current Liabilities. Bank provides a specific amount that has a specified repayment schedule and a floating interest rate. Bank offers the facility of savings and current account at the lowest rate without any hidden charges. Bank provides a facility to transferee funds from one bank to another electronically.Fund's are immediately credited to the second bank and debited from first.

Bank provides facility of to all clients(Tax Payers) to make direct E-Payment for all direct taxes, and these facility can be avail from any branch of Shree Bharat Co-Operative Bank Ltd.
Shree Bharat Co-Operative Bank offers the facility of savings and current account at the lowest rate without any hidden charges applied on it. In current account, amount can be deposited and withdrawn at any time without giving any notice. The 'saving account' is generally opened in bank by salaried persons or by the persons who have a fixed regular income. Joint accounts are most likely to be used between relatives, couples or business partners who have a level of familiarity and trust for each other, as this type of account typically allows anyone named on the account to access funds within it.

Bank is registered under Gujarat State Co-Operative Credit Societies Act, 1961 (Registration No. Co-operation , Dedication and Flow Less service is like River Ganga which is where small at its origin at gangotri and becomes bigger and bigger .
Bank also takes care of senior citizen by providing 0.5% more rate of interest on their deposited amount.

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