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Damage: Kim Kardashian displayed hair loss and bald patches after apparently relying on weaves (pictured) to boost her hair post-pregnancyAnd according to hair extension expert Tatiana Karelina, it could be Kim's rapid weight loss that triggered her hair loss. At this time time of year it would do us all a lot of good to ditch the black and embrace the rainbow in an attempt to brighten not only our look but our day as well.
Travelers as well as geographers, astronomers and other professionals find Latitude and Longitude map very useful as it helps in determining the exact geographical location, topography, climate, and time zone of a particular place on the Earth.The two most significant concepts related to latitudes and longitudes (meridians) are Local time (LT) and Universal time (UT). Latitude and Longitude are basically the imaginary lines drawn over the maps that help to find out the accurate location of a place and its time zone. Latitudes are the lines that run parallel to the equator and measure the north-south direction, whereas longitudes or meridians, the vertical lines running perpendicular to the latitudes measure the east-west direction.
The Latitude and Longitude world map provides information not only about a country, but shows the accurate location of regions, districts, states, cities as well as areas. The not so good thing is that this search engine only searches the cached pages of your website. To start, go to Google custom search and click 'create a custom search engine', this will take you to the next page. The next page ask you to fill in some basic information like name, description and sites to search.

The search engine we have set up now will show the results below the search box on the same page.
But it seems that Kim Kardashian's rush to regain her svelte frame has had an unwanted effect on her hair. This BB style comes in a whole palette of colours from turquoise to green, fuschia to yellow so if coral isn't your thing then just pick the tone that will cheer you up the most!
So if you want to copy Kim's colourful style without extending your overdraft then check out our super bright finds below. Find Latitude and Longitude Map provides all the required information about the geographical coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). Internet maps showing latitude and longitude of world's different cities and countries also help in providing information about the time zone of a particular country. The good thing about this search engine is that you can customize it to blend with the design or color scheme of your website.
Which means that if you make a change in a page or update it, it will only appear in results after google caches the page again. Infact if you have an adsense account you can even earn comission if some one clicks the ads that accompany the search results.

In the 1st part, i will tell you how can you setup and customize the search engine initially.
Type a search query in the search box and click search, the results for that keyword from your site will be show below the search box.
The next page will give you the code that you can copy and paste in the html document at the place where you want the search box to appear. This theme is not desirable always as some times we want to apply the search box to a multi column layout or for optimal results, we may want the search results to appear on a new page.
One thing i like about searching is that one can find all the pages that have information related to the keyword searched at once.
In the 2nd part, i will tel you how to further customize the search engine to achive better results.
I must publish them on a website and save future builders the suffering, and anguish of countless hours trying toA aquire these precious dimensions.

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