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You can organize your money making ideas within a 4-column layout, featuring a double column main content area and two sidebars for classified information in the form of Latest News, Resource Links, Ads, Polls, etc. The Make Money Joomla template is offered in several color schemes (dark grey-red, dark grey-blue, dark grey-green) and will offer quick access to all the pages of your money-spinning portal through a JavaScript based top navigation menu.
Suitable for: business solutions portals, investment sites, financial consulting portals, gaming portals, etc. The layout is good, but Im not too sure about the version with the red text, maybe a dark red or a brown text would have been better. I have to agree with everyone else this template really shows that you don't need to pay through the nose to get a bespoke design when there are templates out there like this!
Overall, WordPress is secure, dynamic and you receive access to tons of plugins and resources for the ultimate customization. Let’s have a look at some of the top brands that use WordPress, showing that every industry can use WordPress to reach out to customers.
Best Buy, along with numerous other consumer tech companies, uses WordPress to reach customers. TechCrunch shows that even the hottest news sources need a content management system to keep them organized. The TIME politics page, or Swampland, is a nice example of how large publications use WordPress to discuss different topics and reach out to readers.
Smart Passive Income is a high-traffic blog with a podcast, tons of articles and books to buy if you are looking to make money online.

Even artists trying to sell their own creative talents can use WordPress to reach out to fans and show that new book, album or painting.
If you run a site focused on videos, WordPress has all the tools to show them to your viewers. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about these brands that make money with WordPress.
The welfare inspired banner area of the template will give your business solutions portal, investment site or financial consulting page the image of a generator of working formulas for success. We wanted to outline some of the top┬ábrands that make money with WordPress to show that if it’s good enough for them, WordPress must be doing something right.
TechCrunch works with hundreds of writers, showing how powerful WordPrsss is for managing a large team of writer and editors. It also shows how you can customize WordPress since they have unique navigation tabs on the side for locating new articles. The reason I added this is because it doesn’t matter how big your blog is or how many readers look at it everyday. The WordPress community works nicely to find other blogs that relate with yours to think of new content and connect with other bloggers. Sure, they run a different system for auctions, but the eBay inc blog is a hub for buyers and sellers to learn about the company and discuss new ways to make money on the site.
Based on your requirements I think you want to a multi-user installation of WordPress so members can each have their own blogs.

I have a client that just asked for an Adwords clickbank site and this should suit the membership part of it perfectly! If you ever have problems with your site, a quick visit to the support forum is often the solution. WordPress works nicely for selling products online especially when you integrate with eCommerce themes and plugins.
WordPress can manage the loads and serve up your content quickly, as long as you use a quality hosting provider.
You can also find how WordPress works with other forms of media, since they upload videos and photos as well.
AMC delivers clips from its shows like Walking Dead to show previews and recaps from each episode. Are you thinking of building a WordPress site or going with an alternative content management system?

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