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This post explains how to make an animated GIF in GIMP.  A GIF is a format in which you can save a series of images so that they move from one image to the next to make a simple animation. If you’re not familiar with GIMP it is an open source image manipulation program, similar to Photoshop, but non-proprietary. I can help with putting your face to face course online, reviewing existing courses, content development or simply asking a few questions. This could be compared to having drawings in a booklet in front of you and when you flick through the booklet the drawings appear to be moving.

If you haven’t got GIMP already then go ahead and install the best copy for your computer. To save – file, Save As, scroll down to file type GIF.  GIMP then takes you through a series of questions. I’ve used this site several times when I keep forgetting how to do this when making banners.
While living in Bangkok she studied and chatted online to gain a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (tech in edu & online learning), being the geek that she is she also has a Masters in Museum Studies and a Bachelor of Arts.

When your images are all ready go to the menu at the top of the screen, click, Filter then Animation, then Playback.
Alongside this, Rebecca develops graphics and manipulates images and spends a lot of time playing with different online technologies.

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