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This cute anime pins features Kakashi & Make-Out Paradise Book from the hit anime, Naruto.Each pin is approx. Naruto - Accessories Guide2 Accessories Guide In addition to the weapons a ninja carries, the ninja will often have personalized accessories which are important to them.
Using the mouths on the palm of each hand, Deidara will withdraw a glob of clay, consume it with the hand mouth and then expel whatever piece of art he needs for his attacks. He is very strict about following its rules, including praying before battle and ensuring some form of death comes out of it. After he has defeated his foe he also takes part in a bloody ritual using this same symbol.

When Naruto drove himself to fight with Tsunade, she saw he could fulfill his dream to become Hokage one day.
For that reason she felt the necklace had found someone deserving so she gave it to him as a present.
Once Naruto graduated the academy, he replaced his goggles with his Leaf forehead protector. The book featured a young Sai on one side, and a younger version of his brother on the other.
Because of her training under Tsunade, Sakura-s strikes now carry a huge amount of forceful impact.

The cards contain information on all the Hidden Villages and the skilled ninjas which inhabit them.

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