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For a great glossary of Internet related terms, take a look at the Programmer's Paradise Glossary. Before you get going as a new email user, be aware of the email chainletters and CyberMyths you will soon be receiving. Because we do not have italic and bold in email (it is "text-only" or "ASCII"), we need other ways to emphasize a word or phrase.
You need to quote back a comment to remind the recipient what you are responding to, especially if it has been more than an hour since you received the original message. It is customary to leave a line space between a quote and the reply to make it more readable. And, if you ask for help with your computer or wish to buy or sell a product for the computer, realize that not everyone uses your selection of computer platforms.
If you use a corporate or government email account, you are not paying for it out of your own pocket.
If you are sending someone a joke or something text-based, instead of sending it as a file attachment, copy and paste the contents right into the email. For example, if you send me a joke that has the subject line: "Humor," and I want to keep it for later, that subject means nothing to me as I look for it again. To surf the web in my office, I need to switch from my normal email machine and transfer web URLs to that machine (taking time). You also need to understand that I am on the Internet all day, every day, as an Internet professional. When you send or forward an email or some sort of joke that has many recipients, do NOT send it so that anyone reading the post can see all the other email addresses you sent it to. You need to post multiple email addresses into the BCC (BLIND carbon copy) header (rather than "To"). It is extremely bad form to post everyone's email address on a header for everyone else to see.
I hope this page of rules and the additional netiquette pages help you get over the fear of being a new email user. Also, since you are on a computer, email is the best, most effective way to communicate with the tech support people who make your computer and software.
The opinions and recommendations stated here are solely those of the author and are not the responsibility of anyone else. There are a lot of chrome google games available in chrome web store that you can play online or offline with you laptop or PC.
Google Chrome T-Rex dinosaur it appears when you are offline or the internet is not connected to laptop or computer. Read this page for a "heads up" in preventing a panic (and angering your future email recipients).
Experienced users often use online shorthand in email and forget that the new user needs to have a road map to these abbreviations and images. To _emphasize_, we outline the word or phrase with an _underscore_ character (shift-hyphen), or maybe *asterisks*, or other little used characters like an =equal sign=. They may not know your sarcasm or witty sense of humor like your family and close friends do.

Most email users compose their messages and replies off-line, then sending them when they are next able to log on. Keep this in mind when you post a public message via newsgroups, message boards, broadcast emails or live chat asking for help. Do not EVER send attachments without the permission of the recipient (no matter how cute or funny you think the image or file is). Not everyone is using a corporate or government-sponsored email account when it comes to email. I probably already get them from someone else, plus I have some topics I enjoy and most I do not. And, chances are that your recipient got the same joke from two other people, especially if they are an online or computer professional. Since there is no description in the email of _why_ I should take the time to visit that web URL, I am forced to delete your submission. Then to surf through the web takes time, not to mention the enormous screen draw time sucked up by most web sites these days.
This is an independent publication not affiliated or otherwise associated with, sponsored by, or sanctioned by any vendor. If you want to play games in your google chrome, you always need to go to Chrome web store and install games to play in chrome.
Many of us don’t know that this dinosaur is also a running game you can play until your internet connection is not working again.
For this reason, it is imperative to get into the habit of using some of the common shorthand features in your email, especially the public ones you may post to a newsgroup or forum (where hundreds, if not thousands of strangers will read your post). Once you hit your reply command, select the non-essential parts of the original message and delete them!
If you are sending an ".exe" (executable) file to someone on a Mac, they won't be able to do anything with it. The file that you downloaded lickety-split onto your office computer may take your buddy, at home on his slower system, much longer to download. As long as fonts and type styles are not critical, and only the content of the piece is of value, then paste it into the email message.
Make the subject more descriptive, like: Cat Rules humor, or Microsoft buys Catholic Church humor, or 50 rules for men humor. URLs" are the sort of emails sent with a web address and a short sentence like "Check it out!" or "Thought you'd like this." Most online and computer professionals I know (including me) get annoyed at receiving these. As an Internet professional who gets many, many emails per day, I cannot possibly take the time to look at unsolicited sites when no valid reason is given. SPAM is the term used for unsolicited junk email -- just like junk mail in your house mailbox, nobody wants junk email.
Otherwise, spam generators (human or automatic) can simply copy the whole list of email addresses to their own lists. If you see no option to BCC or suppress the list, ask the tech support of your email software company how to do that. You can "talk" with friends and relatives often and do not have to wait to store up information to write at one sitting.

We state here that we have used trademark names in this publication for editorial purposes only, with no intent to infringe on those trademarks. Some of the games are online, but you can also install offline games, but many of us don’t know there is a hidden game in a google chrome that we can only play when we are offline or computer says no! You can play this game when the offline page shows up you just need to hit Spacebar and the T-Rex dinosaur start running until you hit with the hurdle. Just remember to act as if the reader on the other end doesn't know your personality, you have to give them hints as to your tone and emotion. Most large corporate or government office systems run on high-speed networks that cost thousands of dollars a month just to access (not even operate).
Then you do not need a file translation for some odd word processor document that the sender used and the recipient may not have.
If you send to someone who is involved in professional publishing, they are highly likely not using a PC. Permission is granted to copy this document for personal use only for *non-commercial* purposes, in electronic or printed form, provided that this copyright notice is not removed. This is not all about google chrome desktop game this is also available on Android and IOS Chrome offline. Trust me, avoid using the caps lock key on your keyboard, or suffer the wrath of the annoyed recipient! Just because someone sends (or apparently sends -- as in the Love Bug virus) you an attachment does NOT mean you are obligated to open it.
This work may not be used on another Web site or online service, sold for profit, included within commercial works, or altered or changed in any way without the express written permission of the author. You send me a message that is all in caps and it's going right into my trash without being read.
I use an older computer with a slower modem because it is a notebook and can go easily on the road with me. You would not open a package you received in your home mailbox if you were not expecting it and you did not know the sender -- you would contact the police. Do not suck up my online time with an attachment that prevents me from downloading email from my real paying clients.
NEVER send any unsolicited attachments over 1MB and not expect to get hate email in return.
If I lose money because the photos of your kids took me 20-30 minutes to download, I will be quite angry and likely to bill you for my time at my minimum hourly rate. Always ask first if the recipient wants to receive a "XXXkilobyte" file from you in "XYZ" format.

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