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So, it’s pretty clear that a WordPress form plugin is a must-have for powering up your WordPress website.
CaptainForm’s advanced features include, but are not limited to a drag and drop editor, multiple form templates, different layout and styling options, easy data management, integration with various payment apps, email marketing apps, project management apps and more. You simply have to submit your details in the provided form and you’ll receive a unique voucher code to distribute to your friends. Whether your goal is to build an insanely popular blog or create a successful e-commerce site, it’s crucial that you understand your audience. Collecting data on these questions can help you design a better site and provide more relevant content to your target audience.
Formerly Google Analytics for WordPress, this is one of the most downloaded plugins of all time.
Another great option for integrating your Google Analytics account, this plugin offers advanced JavaScript customization options for developers. As the name implies, this plugin is designed for tracking users in real time instead of waiting for an aggregated traffic report.
This plugin lets you keep track of page views, geographical traffic data, and dozens of other visitor statistics without using a third party collection agent like Google Analytics.
Do you remember all those projects with outstanding interactions, mind-blowing animations, and thrilling accompanying sound effects that resulted in an intensely immersive user experience? Three.js is a Javascript library with a list of high-end features that let you operate with scenes, cameras, lights, geometry, and more. With the modern technologies, you are always caught in a dilemma: either create a “one size fits all” project that will run on various devices and offer consistent user experience, or put everything on the line and instantly impress the audience that you can reach. This interactive campaign dedicated to Sennheiser’s anniversary is an epic odyssey that combines not only dramatic sci-fi landscapes but also numerous cutting-edge features and details.
The personal portfolio of Bruno Quintela is a real-time rendered WebGL experiment that demonstrates the potential of the artist and possibilities of the current web technologies.
This project exhibits a whirlwind of more less ordered and organized tubes of particles that radiates of high-tech vibe. This artist has managed to imitate a water surface by mimicking the natural behavior of liquid. Text effect is one of the ways to spice up boring interfaces with a note of playfulness and coolness as well as emphasize the required lettering.
If you’re a footloose creative soul searching for a more affordable and friendly space than a typical rented or home office, coworking could work for you. The post Working Remotely Around The World: Workspaces To Explore appeared first on Smashing Magazine. When I think of fonts I think of cats, apparently someone else does as well because I found a bunch of cute and ironic cat-font memes online. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use the repeat grid tool in Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD).
Even though we’ve been basking in the convenience of the digital age for a generation or two, designers still spend hundreds of hours designing custom fonts that are then carefully protected under licenses — and rightfully so. Even with the invention of the printing press, typography was a surprisingly physical task.
Although less physically demanding, perhaps, harnessing the fonts needed for a website can be a challenging task. Format and File Types — A file format is a standard way that font information is stored for the computer to read. Licensing — One thing that has probably changed the least since printing press days is the amount of effort it takes to create a custom font, which is why it is important for the designer to protect their work under a license. Hosting — Many websites use fonts hosted by a third party, such as Google Fonts or TypeKit, which is less work for developers because the licensing and hinting are already dealt with by that third party service.
We opt to host our clients’ font files ourselves, which then allows our developers more freedom to fine-tune performance and provides less exposure to potential problems for our clients. Preparing a typeset for a printing press involved thousands of tiny lead characters, organized in trays by font size and style.
Different browsers and operating systems anti-alias fonts differently and at the CSS level browsers provide some control over how this can be handled.
For one example of CSS anti-aliasing in action (and the hiccups you may encounter), consider Apple’s web-browser, Safari. In addition to editing font files to contain only the glyphs necessary for our projects, we also extend the glyph set of our font files to contain custom vector art and iconography. While you can render a font in any color using a CSS color attribute, the most appealing alternative for custom iconography is SVG, which allows for multi-colored icons.
The logo we designed for Goin Mobyle is an SVG file, allowing us more freedom for variations in color and size. Although surpassed in raw performance by font-icons, which typically have smaller file-sizes, SVG files are just another way we improve the branding, aesthetics, and functionally, of our clients’ websites. Although the process has certainly changed since the days of the printing press, the efforts necessary to properly design and implement fonts have not lost importance. As a web designer, you naturally look for tools that offer the best solutions to your design needs. In order for a multipurpose theme to meet the diverse challenges you may often have to face, it needs to be flexible – ultra-flexible in fact.
Even those listed as e-commerce-oriented have the features and flexibility needed to design high-performance websites of other types and for other niches. See if a given theme is WooCommerce ready, responsive, and if it’s right for the size of your website(s), and if you can easily make changes once a website is online. The individual demos are hand-built, complex themes, designed to perfectly fit in with the industry or niche they’re intended for.
As you would naturally expect with a premium theme, The Core is well documented, and the user support is superb. Be’s high-powered combination of Muffin Builder 3, the Muffin Options Panel, and the Shortcode Generator makes it easy to build even the most detailed website pages easily, and without any need whatsoever to use code.
There are plenty of video tutorials to get you up to speed, and Be’s support team is second to none when it comes to prompt, friendly, and professional service. Because of its impressive flexibility and design element customizing capabilities, The7 is definitely deserving of its place among the 10 best multipurpose WP themes. These theme options, when combined with an enhanced Visual Composer, the Design Wizard, and a library of 25 professional-grade website designs, make The7 a super-flexible WordPress theme as well. Main features include an enhanced version of Visual Composer, an innovative Grid System, and an Adaptive Images features that go a step beyond responsive. There is a host of interactive elements to select from too, so what these features do for you, is to give you a super-flexible WP theme with which to build your websites. Drag and drop the page elements you’ve selected, edit, select your settings, and save. They based this theme’s features on user feedback from other themes, generally feedback addressing speed, simplicity, and unnecessary complexity. Common threads that run through all 10 of these themes are flexibility, customizability, and ease of use. And since we are talking about plans, support is provided for all users, irrespective of the plan they are on (paid or free). Fortunately, there are multiple WordPress plugins that can help you collect and analyze this information. Once you have an account and install the plugin, you’ll be able to access your Google data in convenient, customizable dashboards. It also supports Google’s site speed tracking so you can keep your site lean and responsive.

JetPack will also filter out spam comments from blog posts and prevent unauthorized logins to your site.
You can narrow in on the keywords being used, which articles are currently getting the most hits and tons of other up to the minute data. We’d love to hear about your experience with these or any other WordPress data tools. It gives you an opportunity to mix and match its elements with HTML elements and combine them with other constituents of the page or background. It is intended to unlock the potential of WebGL by adding extra functionality to the platform. Safari, Opera and the majority of mobile browsers (and that’s to say nothing about Internet Explorer) are like a fly in your Chardonnay.
The developers wanted to abstract from the limitations inherent to modern platforms and browsers and test the limits of current technologies. It is a pure Chrome experiment that allows visitors to participate in forming and shaping a monument of sound. There is a control center that encourages you to play with such attributes as the radius of a cylindrical-shaped cloud, the density of tubes, height, scale, and more. The convex shape and undulating surface with sun reflections as finishing touches recreate a truly realistic scene that catches the eye from the first second. Animations of various size and type can be seen in numerous projects, and this work is one such. Rachel Smith’s confetti-inspired solution will certainly help to enrich the design with bright emotions and place the title to the center stage.
His solution easily transforms panoramic images into an essential detail of the user experience. It also acts as a playground where you can make some areas brighter and others dimmer: just use your mouse. As always we have put together a plethora of various design elements that only have one thing in common – they are all free to use. They allow freelancers, small business owners and independent workers to rent a working area that is shared with others.
First, I thought to myself, “You’ve got to be kitten me right meow!” but then I had to share.
Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a landscape-orientated rectangle in the upper part of your screen, and give this shape a fill colour of your choice. With the Rectangle Tool still selected, hold Shift to draw a square, and again, give this shape a fill colour of your choice. Duplicate this layer by going to Edit > Duplicate, move this under your title text, reduce the size, and insert some text of your choosing. With your mouse, drag over all of the elements created in Steps 2-6, and then click the Repeat Grid button in the Property Inspector on the right-hand side.
When using the Repeat Grid Tool, Adobe XD automatically creates a gutter (spacing) in between the different objects that are being repeated.
Lagunitas, known for their signature IPA, and heavily recognized for the graphics on their labels, including font style, sued Sierra Nevada.
Free from the bygone limitations of “web safe” fonts, website designers and developers have found effective ways of implementing custom fonts in projects, an essential design tool that allows us to present typography that matches a customer’s branding while increasing the legibility of the site.
Typesetters would spend hours carefully placing each letter and space, a new set for every font size and style, a fresh coat of ink for each color and resetting for each page needed — imagine how much of a backache distributing even this short of an article would have been.
In order to properly employ custom fonts for web development, although there are no tile sets or ink types to keep track of, there are still a number of format, file, license and hosting specifications we have to take into consideration. The two types of file formats we work with are TTF (TrueType Font) and OTF (OpenType Font). Much like a copyright, these licenses are legally binding and may result in legal action or fees if a font is used in violation of their terms. However, using a third party means there is less or no optimization of the font files available.
After acquiring the license for the font files you want, there are some application techniques that will improve their appearance and performance to fit your project. The glyph, a single shape of a particular font, can be anything from the letters A-Z, a-z, symbols (= + & %), the Greek alphabet and even a variety of icons used throughout a website. Even in the digital age, it is common for a single font file to contain upwards of 1,300 glyphs, most of which will go unused on a single website.
Not only can we choose a preferred font style, but embed Bison and Moose iconography into font files as well.
By default, Safari renders text with the CSS syntax -webkit-font-smoothing: subpixel-antialiased. We use the program Glyphs (another popular program is Font Lab) to create custom icons for our sites. There are companies that we recognize solely by their brand’s font and, as proved by the Lagunitas-Sierra Nevada legal spat, sometimes shoulder some serious monetary worth.
Your clients’ needs and requirements can be all over the map, or at least appear to be. Visit the different websites and check out the niche-oriented themes, the pre-built layouts, and the design concepts offered.
Animations are readily available to give your websites an extra dash of pizzazz, custom Google Maps are also ready to be put to use, and there is even a module dedicated to saving your work in the unlikely event of a system crash. It is, in fact, the biggest WordPress theme ever, with its more than 200 pre-built websites, 40 core features, and a dynamic world-wide user base. This is, in fact, the most customizable theme on the market today, due in large part to its more than 630 theme options.
The Divi package is filled with features galore dedicated to helping you build one unique and awesome website after another.
It’s smart because its authors relied heavily on feedback and suggestions from other theme users in the design and development of Divi. These homepage concepts have been neatly placed in 5 common categories, Classic, Creative, Portfolio, Blog, and Shop. Kallyas has addressed the problem with its Live Search feature that allows you to find exactly the pre-built element you want in seconds. While there are a number of WP themes that help you design great product displays, this theme goes an extra step or two. Among its many classical website-building features, you’ll find built-in portfolio functionality and attractive blog masonry layouts. You will also receive a valuable bonus if you purchase X, consisting of access to an impressive library of online marketing videos. While Shopkeeper and Merchandiser are more e-commerce oriented, they are, like the others in this list, genuinely multipurpose as far as website building is concerned. Google Analytics provides comprehensive tracking for blogs, ads, downloads, and video views. All offer a free basic tier, but some offer premium plans if you want additional support and features.
It makes it simple to create GPU-accelerated 3D animations without relying on browser plugins. Although the phase of formation has been completed—one million people all over the Globe participated in the event—it sill rocks. Drag it in different directions to see what is hidden inside this bulk of accurately placed together 3d polygons with glossy surfaces. The subtle version of a head that is vaguely reminiscent of an intelligent human-like robot from Isaac Asimov’s novels is a true masterpiece.

It has a pleasant perspective and slowly moving camera: together they make you feel a part of the composition. The panel of options enables you to tune up a bulk of details of the canvas including light, mesh, render and even export settings. Other than that you will find a diverse variety of different elements for different use cases.
The setup is usually more casual than the fixed rental agreement you would get in a dedicated office space. Select the bottom slider and drag this down to repeat your content so that it fills the screen. By selecting and clicking inside this space (the gap in between objects) you will see some pink guides appear, that allow you to adjust the gutter spacing. Sierra Nevada, already a regional competitor, had just come out with the Hop Hunter, also an IPA, and their branding included a font that was just a tad too similar for Lagunitas’ liking.
Because it warranted a large amount of time and skill, professionals were hired to design and produce font families for specific purposes depending on their clients’ needs.
OTF is our preferred format because OTF files don’t require anti-alias hinting, leading to smaller file sizes.
Otherwise known as “free,” many open source fonts have been released for any use, including modifications, with no limitations on page views. By paying a license fee to the creator of the font or a reseller, we can use it on a website for an unlimited or estimated number of monthly views. Pay a fee to the creator or reseller per period of time or number of uses, (such as page loads) then pay-as-you-go for further use. By allowing another company to host our fonts, we would sacrifice the ability to remove unnecessary glyphs leading to substantially larger files. Unlike those tiny lead characters tucked away in their drawers, however, the virtual space today’s extra characters use compromises the loading performance of the site. We’re often able to reduce our custom font sets to collectively weigh in under 80 KB, with 150 KB as an upper target for projects that require more fonts or have fewer images to slow down the page load. Anti-aliasing can improve the appearance of your fonts, especially for larger point sizes and when zooming in a window. For that reason SVGs are required for vector-based images such as logos that are not monochromatic. Developing custom font files in web development is an effective way to include ideal typography and produce unique vector art to more accurately meet the needs of the client.
Your choice can, therefore, be that of investing in several specialty WP themes in an effort to cover all the bases, or seeking out a single multipurpose theme that’s capable of doing the same thing. The Advanced Visual Builder, a wealth of ready-to-use shortcodes, 700+ fonts, and multiple header, footer, and slider options making it easy to build almost anything you want to; and do so faster than ever. Just watch the live demo, and you’ll see how easy it is to auto-install demo content.
Be is also an extremely flexible theme, a necessity for any theme designed to accommodate the diverse design requirements you often find yourself confronted with. Choose a layout header, upload your logo, specify your background, font, and color settings, and sit back and let the Wizard automatically complete your web page design. Its flexibility is due in large part to its 46 content modules that you can mix and match like building blocks. You can even save the pages that turn out to be especially attractive, which probably will be most of them, for later use or as templates. Merchandiser gives you the features you need, and it doesn’t load you down with features you have little use for – an innovative design approach that yielded an innovative theme. The X Theme package includes 22 free extensions (plugins), it includes a modern, innovative, front-end page builder in Cornerstone, and it includes a comprehensive and extremely useful library of shortcodes.
Check out the various websites and you’ll get a better idea of what these multipurpose themes offer. WassUp also helps deter hack attempts and identifies spiders and spam agents to exclude them for data tracking.
As often happens when one door closes, another opens, and Flash is slowly being replaced by a fresher, more vigorous successor. You are welcome to make your own contribution, examine this massive sound-sculpture, and enjoy the intro video and top-notch execution. The idea serves as an excellent opening for the website that leaves a strong, lasting first impression. Vibrant and vivid 3D geometric pieces will shape the request and make the result prettily interactive. It goes well with the landscapes, cityscapes, and interiors, allowing users to enjoy the beauty of static multimedia.
Make this text prominent in order to grab your users’ attention, and position this under the text created in Step 5.
Although the case was eventually dropped, the turbulence demonstrated not only how heated craft beer enthusiasts can be, but also the huge role fonts play in brand recognition. We’ve found that by creating files that contain custom vector art and iconography using font files, we can avoid performance degradation, improving not only the appearance, but the functionality of the site as well.
Additionally, when a font is hosted on a third party server, every time the site is loaded, that server must be running and perform well for the site to load properly, making the site more vulnerable to problems.
Loading all these unnecessary glyphs wastes memory and bandwidth and slows the rendering and experience; at the high end of the spectrum, a single font can demand more than 1MB, which balloons the time required to load the page.
Techniques vary depending on your screen, browser and operating system, but the main idea is to display glyphs so that they’re smooth and crisp by blending the colors on a square grid. It also decreases the number of requests required when loading a page, improving the overall performance of their site. This is just one example of how this theme enables you to build pro-grade websites without ever touching a line of code. No coding is necessary, and there are more than 150 pre-built elements to get you on your way. These include features that allow you to manage inventory, arrange for shipping your products, help with cataloging, and arranging payments. Technologies like WebGL, and accompanying JavaScript libraries like Three.js are rapidly growing—enabling developers to build Flash-like projects, without the accompanying security issues. There are six different types, but we’ve found the most success working with a WOFF, (Web Open Font Format) paired with a TTF or OTF file. If they go out of business or change their business model, your company is left with the consequences.
Some fonts, especially ornate “display” fonts used for titles, have high levels of complexity in each glyph and it becomes necessary for us to edit those files to save bandwidth.
In the case of a black letter “a” for example, the black edge pixels would be smoothed by the interpolation of grey pixels so that it appears smooth and sharp on-screen even if you zoom in close. Web typography that is well thought-out and crafted is one of those subtle but unmistakable clues that improves user experience and shows customers that they are dealing with a professional organization. As an example, we recently stripped a pizza glyph, among others, from a font being used for a header.
By being aware of this and other browser font-rendering quirks, we can ensure consistency and performance in our designs.

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