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While Microsoft plans to merge its multiple operating systems into one, Apple wants the mobile and desktop experiences to complement each other — without mashing them together. Starting July 24, Apple will open its OS X Yosemite beta to the public, enabling Mac owners to kick the tires and provide feedback ahead of the fall launch.
We also couldn't try iCloud Drive, which lets you drag documents to a folder and then access them from your Mac, iOS device or Windows PC. Editors' Note: We have updated our impressions of the developer preview of OS X Yosemite for this beta preview. Apple has provided some guidance on how to participate in the public beta by providing the following tips. Although you'll be given the option to install and use iCloud Drive, we suggest that you hold off until you upgrade to the final build of Yosemite in the fall.
If you're looking for evidence that the design teams for OS X and iOS are collaborating, look no further than the new Today View in Yosemite. At a glance, you can see upcoming appointments, birthdays, reminders, the latest weather, stocks and more. Things will really get interesting when Apple allows users to download widgets from the Mac App Store.
We actually prefer having widgets in this location than on the desktop, as they'll be easier to access.
Spotlight is one of the most underrated features of OS X, so it was smart for Apple to put it front and center in Yosemite.
Similar to the Smart Search feature in Windows 8.1, Yosemite can suck info in from the Web, depending on the search.
However, although you can preview iTunes results from music albums (and other content), you can't play the content within the Spotlight window. With OS X Mavericks, a lot of the new enhancements were behind the scenes, such as a boosted performance and a revamped Sidebar that let you see what your friends and followers are posting to Twitter and LinkedIn.
It also takes an extra step to share URLs now if you go the manual route, as Safari displays just the domain by default; you'll need to click in the bar first and then select it. For those who tend to have too many tabs open (like us), OS X Yosemite offers a new tab view that displays them in a grid. Taking a page from WhatsApp and other messaging apps, Yosemite also improves the group messaging experience. This is the one area where OS X Yosemite truly stands out versus Windows 8: devising new ways for smartphones and PCs to interact. Take Handoff, which lets you pick up where you left off on your Mac or iPhone using a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
To signal that a Handoff is waiting for you, your Mac or iOS device will display an icon on the bottom-left corner of the display.
Last but not least, Instant Hotspot lets you use your iPhone as a hotspot without having to touch the phone itself. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until we can formally test iOS 8 devices to get a better feel for how well all of these continuity features work.
When we tested the developer preview of OS X Yosemite, we encountered all sort of bugs and instability.
The one weakness we see in iCloud Drive is that it doesn’t present all of your synced photos from your iOS devices.
OS X Yosemite represents a bold new look for the Mac, but what's more important is how Apple is approaching the post-PC world. In the meantime, those who decide to take the plunge with Yosemite will enjoy a much cleaner and more modern interface, a beefed-up search in Spotlight and a Today view you'll use more often, especially once developers get their hands on it to deliver widgets. As much as we like Yosemite, though, there are also some things we wish Apple had tackled with this release. Overall, though, OS X Yosemite proves that Apple's innovation juices are still very much flowing. Responsible for the editorial vision for Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide, Mark Spoonauer has been Editor in Chief of LAPTOP since 2003 and has covered technology for nearly 15 years. Valve have bought new life, and users to the system, and making it easier for developers to develop games etc.

I'm a staunch Linux advocate, but if users prefer to use Windows I tell them to stick with 7! As well written and thoughtful this piece is, you would think the poster is biased from the heading.
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Based on our testing of Beta Version 3, there are a lot of things we like about this release, but the best stuff will have to wait until iOS 8 debuts. But there are tons of other enhancements that were ready for a critical look, including a fresh new design, a more powerful Spotlight feature, a new Today view, and a leaner and meaner Safari.
Although the performance on the latest version is more stable than the last, it’s probably best not to use Yosemite as your primary OS for mission-critical work. Because this is beta software that is still in development, it’s possible that you may encounter some compatibility issues with Yosemite.
The icons in the dock look tighter and more modern — making them easier to spot — and every app has a much more spare-looking aesthetic.
In the top-left corner, you'll find the same red, yellow and green stoplight buttons as before, but they're flatter.
Apple didn't just add this effect to make OS X look fancy; it's designed to provide a sense of depth, making it easier to identify one app from another when they're stacked on the desktop.
The background color of an app can interfere with the dock at the bottom of the screen, should they overlap, which can make it difficult to discern the icons. For instance, before the lines between open tabs in the Safari browser were so fine that it was tough to distinguish them. Swiping in from the right with two fingers on the touchpad launches a dashboard with two tabs: Today and Notifications.
You can also quickly update your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter status, or start composing an iMessage.
The company showed an ESPN ScoreCenter widget during Yosemite's unveiling, as well as an eBay widget that will let you monitor auctions or up your bid. Tapping the little magnifying glass in the top-right corner now launches a window in the middle of your desktop (or you can type Command-Space). For instance, as we typed "San Francisco," Spotlight displayed a snippet from Wikipedia that provided a description and key faces, as well as a link to the full article. For example, you can dial a friend (once iOS 8 is live), send her a message or locate her in Maps. If you're previewing an email message in Spotlight and there's a link in the thumbnail, you can click on it to launch Safari. Safari now lets you open a separate Private Browsing Window, and it supports DuckDuckGo searches, which does not track users or store your queries or info. The improved Mail app enables that neat trick, along with other goodies, via a new Markup and Annotation feature.
You can name conversations to make them easier to follow, mute notifications from them or drop out at any time. For example, you could start typing an email on your iPhone, walk up to your Mac and instantly start finishing up the message on your desktop. You can make and answer calls right from your Mac — and not just with contacts, but also businesses you might search for online or in Spotlight. But things ran much more smoothly this time around with Beta version 3 of the software, which we ran on a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. For example, after entering my iCloud account info, a dialog box for Don’t Merge or Merge for calendars and reminders remained stuck on the screen.
Those who prefer a more familiar desktop environment are still going to have it, but Yosemite weaves in mobile experiences where it makes sense.

The ability to annotate images and send large files in Mail without zip headaches is another plus. Mission Control is still not the best way to multitask, as you can't close apps from this view. Mark speaks at key tech industry events and makes regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox and CNN.
We hire and rent inventory scanners for stocktake barcode scanning, event barcode scannning, asset managment and more! Start composing an email on your iPhone, and you can pick up where you left off on your Mac. More important, Yosemite axes the separate full-screen button, instead making the green button serve that purpose. Some apps also have a translucent sidebar, allowing you to see through to the desktop wallpaper.
The latter option was shown for iOS 8, but we suspect it will make its way to Yosemite as well. Perhaps Apple could consider adding a second swipe to the left to see all your widgets at once, sort of like a Mission Control view. Spotlight doesn't just look better, though — it's now so much more powerful that you may use Google less.
You can also get directions to nearby places, look up what movies are playing and see the trailers. We wouldn't mind if Apple added the ability to copy and paste text from these previews, though. Those who use Safari's Share button will be able to share directly from the browser to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, as well as Messages, Mail and AirDrop.
If you're still having trouble locating a tab, you can find it just by typing on this screen.
It took a few seconds to figure out the menus, but we liked how we could draw a circle around an image attachment —Yosemite smoothes out the shapes — as well as add a text box.
Conversely, you could create a presentation on your Mac and then access it on your iPad as you walk toward your meeting. The list includes Mail, Safari, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and the iWork suite. Our favorite feature: You can click to dial a conference-call number right from your calendar.
We were able to send photos back and forth to an iPhone 5s running iOS 7 on the same network. You’ll be able to drag documents to it and organize them, just as you would with anything else in Finder. Features such as Handoff and the ability to make calls from your Mac go well beyond the iCloud bridge Apple has used up until now. And we wonder how much value Launchpad has now that Apple has modernized the dock; it feels almost vestigial. Mark was previously reviews editor at Mobile Computing, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc. The same translucent treatment applies to the toolbars for apps; when they drop down, they take on the color of what's in the background. Similar to Dropbox, you can access your files while offline, which are then synced when you’re back online. We also wish that your photos automatically showed up in the Finder, instead of being siloed in the Photos app. A recipient will receive a link to download the item, keeping them from maxing out the allotted space in their email accounts.

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