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Creating a custom bookmark icon is a great idea if you find yourself showing off your website in meetings or at conferences to potential clients and business partners. 02) A screen with a bunch of buttons will appear including: Add Bookmark, Add to Reading List, Add to Home Screen, Mail Link to this Page, Tweet and Print. 03) A crappy screengrab will automatically be added as your icon image and you’ll be asked to type in a name for your bookmark. Bass player, ex-skateboarder and snowboarder (i broke too many bones), Call of Duty addict and blogger. Making a website iPhone-friendly using CSSUnlike any other mobile web browsers, iPhone comes with Safari browser which makes it possible to view any website that works on Safari. Set the width of your main container (or any other containers) to 100% rather than a specific width in pixel. The viewport of an iPhone is 320 pixels in portrait orientation and 480 pixels in landscape orientation. This is very much like a favicon that will be used when the user add your website to their home screen. This solution does not make the website light-weight because all elements on your website are still loaded.
The ideal solution is to develop a special version of the website for iPhone using mobile detection script and essentially reduces the bandwidth required to load the website on mobile devices. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive tips, resources and special offers related to web development & design.
Despite all the supposed leaks and rumors, we still have absolutely no idea what Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 will look like.

A recent note to clients sent by shockingly reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo likely covers most of the bases as far as what we can expect Apple to launch later this year. In a piece back in February, we wondered if Apple would manage to do the impossible later this year when it launches the iPhone 6.
Graphic designer Martin Hajek has created many concepts of Apple devices over the years, but his latest is quite possibly his greatest. Hajek took the purported iPhone 6 schematics we saw leak recently and created a design he thinks could represent the real device Apple plans to launch this fall.
A few of Hajek’s renders can be seen below and the rest are on his website, which is linked down in our source section.
John Crane investigated alleged abuse at the Pentagon—until he became a whistleblower himself.
Earth Chemical wanted to know if they could build a trap big enough to catch mutant roaches, so they tested it on people.
The drone is dwarfed by its own controller, yet it flies with the stability of a drone three times the size.
Then tap on the little icon in the middle of the box with an arrow coming out of it [pictured below]. This code will tell Apple iOS devices where they can find the bookmark image elsewhere on your server.
Perhaps it’s formatted badly or simply not able to work in conjunction with a style sheet made for the iPad. Yes, we have read reports from a number of solid sources that appear to all paint a similar picture.

The device is expected to be even thinner than the current iPhone 5s model, and it will also obviously be a bit bigger in order to accommodate the larger display and, theoretically, a bigger battery.
If that is indeed the case, Apple’s next-generation iPhone could be as close to perfect as it gets when it comes to creating a device that meets the demand for a larger display, but is still comfortable to use.
Metal cell phones have the unfortunate requirement of needing space for antennas, and there are several other issues with the design. These bookmarks look just like Apple App icons and allow you to pull up a page on your website the same way you would open an Apple iOS app. Its probably going to be easier to plan content structures for all media types from scratch. You can see an example of a MethodShop app icon in the image on the right (4th row, 4th column). Well that rather than trying to create a stylesheet for an existing site on the basis that background image substitution would be one of the quicker ways to style using alternate stylesheets.
Until we see the finished product unveiled on stage this fall, however, nothing is certain. Feel free to forward this tutorial to your creative and IT teams if they have any questions. It’s set to use a different (CSS) style sheet for each (phone, iPad and Internet Explorer for example).

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