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While it’s true that a hairstyle can punch up a person’s appeal and confidence, who says only long-haired girls get to have all the fun? Keep scrolling for some major hair inspiration and 15 Celebrity Bobs That Will Make You Want to Cut Your Hair Shorter! This girl has always been known for switching up her hairstyles and pulling off just about everything.
Opening the awards show in a dazzling custom Mark Zunino number, the 34-year-old and mom of two reminded audiences (not like we’d forget) that nobody does it quite like the Britney Spears. Now with a bit of nostalgia, we look back at 10 moments that solidified the pop icon’s place in the music industry.
Fun Fact: The iconic schoolgirl wardrobe in the music video was actually all Britney’s idea down to the track pants, sports bras in the gym scene. All About Inklingo » Blog Archive » Inklingo Equilateral Triangles for Pyramid Quilts! Quilters in the Inklingo Yahoo Group have been discussing making a scrappy Pyramid Quilt with equilateral triangles and it is perfect with Inklingo, so this seems like a good time to review how to find what’s available in the Inklingo Index of Shapes.
Inklingo triangles are named with the length of a side—finished—to make it easy to find what you want.
However, if you look at the Main 60° Shapes Page (under the Shop tab on the website, not the blog), you will only see one 60° Triangle shape collection. To make sure you find all of the sizes, look at the Triangle page in the Index of Shapes (under the Support tab on the website, not the blog). In 2012, when quilters requested a shape collection with 2 and 4 inch 60° triangles, I was able to make the shapes available quickly. If you cannot wait for a new shape collection or if you would have to buy several shape collections to get what you need, use freezer paper templates! Freezer paper is the little secret that the manufacturers of acrylic templates do NOT want you to know about!!
Instead of printing the lines on fabric with Inklingo, when you use FP, if you want lines it is necessary to draw them manually with a mechanical pencil.
We prefer to print the shapes on fabric but all Inklingo shape collections include the shapes without seam allowances too, so you can print the shapes on freezer paper if you need templates (e.g. Shapes with printed lines and shapes with manually drawn lines can be used together, of course, for machine piecing OR hand piecing. This layout requires about 2700 small triangles but only about 200 of the medium and large triangles. You can print the small triangles on scraps from your stash and use FP for the medium and large triangles! That way, you only need one Inklingo shape collection.
This may sound like a strange recommendation from someone whose livelihood depends on selling shapes to print on fabric but Inkingo is all about making quilting more accessible. I am forever grateful to Mary in Wisconsin who taught me how to make freezer paper templates in 1998.
Quilted Diamonds 2 (book & DVD) goes into every detail about freezer paper templates for hand piecing.

When you need a template, if you always use one WITHOUT SEAM ALLOWANCES, you can do anything!  You just need one acrylic ruler to add the 0.25 inch seam allowances around ANY shape. No matter what shape you need, the Index of Shapes is the first place to look and there are other good resources too. Smart Shopper’s Idea Book (free PDF under the Support tab on the website, not the blog). When it comes time to sew, there are Inklingo videos showing close-up detail for sewing by hand or by machine.
If you subscribe to the blog (top of right side-bar), you will be the first to see what’s next!
If printing on fabric is new to you, you might want to see this video Introduction to Inklingo. It explains the three key ideas that make it possible to print templates on fabric. Please share my videos on your blogs and Facebook and please tell your friends about Inklingo! If you’re a motorist who has been slapped with a summons for parking your car at a T-intersection in a mid-block location, Councilmember Vincent Gentile wants you to know that you can fight City Hall and win. That’s because it’s perfectly legal to park a vehicle at many of these types of intersections, he said.
Thanks to a Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation change in 2009, drivers who park at certain T-intersections are not subject to tickets. The city’s traffic rules allow parking at T-intersections if they do not have traffic signals, all-way stop signs or crosswalk markings, even if there is a curb cut at that location, according to the DOT’s website. He is leading an effort to make motorists aware of the regulation and to encourage those who have received tickets and who have paid them to seek reimbursement from the New York City Department of Finance (DOF).
In addition, Gentile (D-Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights-Bensonhurst) is calling on NYPD Chief of Transportation Thomas Chan to retrain his officers to ensure that they are aware of the rules that were put in place back in 2009. Gentile said he wasn’t sure why cops and traffic enforcement agents are still handing out tickets. DOF officials told Gentile that they will review wrongfully issued T-intersection tickets going back more than a year. Drivers who believe they were unfairly ticketed should visit and type Pedestrian Ramp Ticket Issue in the subject heading. Drivers who have recently received this type of ticket but who have yet to dispute it can visit this page. The situation came to light when the Village Voice reported on research conducted by statistics Professor Ben Wellington of the Pratt Institute City & Regional Planning Program showing that the T-intersection ticket error has cost drivers nearly $6 million in summonses since 2013.
Gentile said DOT plans to pave over mid-block pedestrian ramps at T-intersections citywide to avoid any confusion. Meanwhile, police are taking steps to ensure that drivers are not being unfairly ticketed, according to an NYPD spokesperson. The NYPD admitted, however, that the majority of summonses written for this particular code violation were written by cops, not traffic agents. If it’s something people didn’t already know, it’s a startling discovery some make when they go in for their first dramatic haircut.

It’s time to stop hiding behind that hair, make that gorgeous face the focal point again and see just how fun it is to sport shorter locks. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It’s the face of ‘90s music that made us fall in love with pop—and she just staged the most perfect comeback. There were screams, people jumping up and down and close to tears over the hit-filled medley. The recent shape collections for Cleopatra’s Fan were the result of requests from quilters like you too.
New shapes (and new combinations of existing shapes) can move up the list quickly when something is hot! It is not as fast and precise as printing—but it is still better than using acrylic or paper piecing!
I have been fairly busy with some other projects and have not paid to much attention lately.
A T-intersection can be defined as a three-way junction usually consisting of a long, two-way street meeting a shorter, one-way street. Part of the problem may be that the T-intersections often have pedestrian ramps and police are concluding that the parked vehicles are blocking the pedestrian ramps, he said. I will be closely monitoring the situation and will not relinquish my push for a citywide refund to those affected,” Gentile said. Motorists need to provide the summons number or their license plate number so the DOF can accurately search for the ticket in their system. Thanks to this analysis and the availability of this open data, the department is also taking steps to digitally monitor these types of summonses to ensure that they are being issued correctly,” the spokesperson said. Maybe along the way we can finally bury that dated rule saying long hair is for girly girls and short hair is for tomboys.
Main Beginner’s Page There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks. It appears to be a misunderstanding by officers on patrol of a recent, abstruse change in the parking rules. The department’s internal analysis found that patrol officers who are unfamiliar with the change have observed vehicles parked in front of pedestrian ramps and issued a summons in error. When the rule changed in 2009 to allow for certain pedestrian ramps to be blocked by parked vehicles, the department focused training on traffic agents, who write the majority of summonses,” the spokesperson told the Brooklyn Eagle in an email.

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