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Shared Hosting is normally associated when more than 1 user is using a web host that uses the same resources to serve their web content to internet. I have a code blog on a self hosted wordpress site and recently it's getting some high amounts of traffic (YAYYY!!). What are the options to gradually upgrade from shared hosting if the traffic to my site grows? I have a site with php+mysql on shared hosting and it works well, has good traffic and I want to plan for the future when traffic to my site grows and shared hosting can't handle it.
How can I find out what other websites are hosted from my website IP address and why is that important from SEO point of view? I heard that is important from a SEO perspective what other websites are hosted on the IP address on which my website is stored. When I am checking Google indexing of my site and I saw that https version show another site.

I have multiple domains hosted on a shared hosting plan which provides a single IP address for all domains hosted. I am looking into the possibility of starting a small scale web hosting business and starting with a resellers account to see how it goes. Several hosting services allow you to host multiple domains within a single hosting plan or account. My web hosting provider has terms of services saying I can have only 20 concurrent connections. It's working fine but we realised that Hotmail accounts are not receiving emails from the site (eg: the receipt when someone orders a product).

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