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TweetScoop.itIf you need to make presentations online or offline a presentation software might be really helpful. Even Google has its own Google Presentations software that you can open for free with your Google account. When you give a speech, your fondest hope and dream is for people to actually REMEMBER something that you said.
Help your audience acquire the knowledge in your presentation by keeping them focused on the information, not the format.
If you watch the best orators, they will usually focus on just three main points in their presentation. Help your audience remember your message by telling them a tale that they can repeat to others later. To be memorable for the right reasons, learn enough about the industry you are addressing to know their language, their priorities, and their troubles. Last year I saw a master class in this technique when actor Kevin Spacey gave a talk at Content Marketing World. I’ve seen an unfortunate shift recently where presenters are more concerned with data and statistics. Other speakers will bring up equally interesting messages, so a participant may attend 4-5 sessions in a day, thus needs to digest 12-15 key concepts. With this template you can not only create animated presentations abut also make use of the given sample slides for making static slides. You can manipulate these sample slides by simply adding text in the given bubbles to create funny, attention grabbing presentations in just a few minutes. With this template you can not only create animated presentations and present them as regular slideshows but even convert your presentations into video format to share them online (e.g. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
You need to make your presentations memorable if you are to have any chance of having your ideas live on and get traction. By invoking two key tools—variation and emotion—you can help your audience to remember your content and call to action. You have likely been the victim of a monotonous speaker who drones on in a flat vocal style, like Ben Stein’s character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
Vary your volume and speaking rate to help keep your audience’s attention and motivate them to listen. Varying the type of evidence you use to support the claims in your presentation is equally important. So, try providing three different types of evidence, such as a data point, a testimonial, and an anecdote. To help your audience remember your message, work to have your tone and delivery match the emotional impact you desire. You must take time to reflect on the emotional response you want and then work to make sure that your delivery is congruent with the emotional impact you desire. I am often challenged when I assert that emotion is an important ingredient for engagement and memory. My technical and scientific clients and students claim that their presentations need to be highly detailed and descriptive, and, thus, emotion is antithetical and incompatible to their speaking goals. I fully believe that even the most technical and scientific talks can have emotion infused in them. I recently worked with a large graphics chip maker whose standard presentations are jammed full of technical detail, jargon, and data. By including an emotional component to your presentations via your tone, delivery, and connection to your audience, you can expedite engagement and increase long-tern retention.
By invoking specific techniques and practices, you can deliver a presentation that is memorable for your audience, no matter your presentation environment or topic. When used, these tools will lead to confident, compelling, and connected presentations. Matt Abrahams is a passionate, collaborative and innovative educator, author, and coach.  Matt is Co-Founder and Principal at Bold Echo Communication Solutions, a presentation and communication skills company based in Silicon Valley that helps business executives and professionals improve their presentation skills. Maybe you mainly use your boardroom for brainstorming sessions or video conferences, but when the day comes that you must make a high-stakes presentation, you’ll certainly want to be ready. Once you have your audio and video set up, make sure your environment is conducive for the occasion. Would you like to enhance your presentations with the boardroom and presentation technology? However, you can also make attractive presentations without any presentation software and just making it by yourself using other alternative ways. If you are very familiar with PowerPoint you just need to add new slides and then press F5 to run your presentation. There many free alternatives to PowerPoint that you can also use instead of the official Microsoft PowerPoint software.
With Zoho Presentations on the cloud you can run and broadcast presentations online to make live meeting share possible or remote presentations.

A few years ago, a research team led by Stephen Kosslyn and composed of experts from three universities studied how presenters could improve their public speaking.
Let’s look at each of these steps and come up with some ideas to help you connect with your audience in a lasting and memorable way. Your presentation should have a consistent and distinguishing style in terms of fonts, colors and layout that makes it easy to view and consume. Visual reinforcement — Important concepts should be clearly defined visually for maximum impact. Limit the message — When I was starting my career as a college educator, the biggest mistake I made was trying to jam far too much information into my limited timeframe.
Believe me — if you can get people to process and remember three things in a 45 minute talk you have been a huge success! Link messages to stories — The most important way to make your message memorable is to link it to a story.
The day of the event, glance through industry headlines so you can even reference a current event or avoid an embarrassing issue that is brewing. Relevance — A speech is only going to be memorable if people can connect it to some important element of their life.
While these are important, you will lose the impact unless you wrap them around in a story.
I give about 40-50 talks, keynotes or workshops per year, and totally agree with all eight points. However, there are even easier methods of making such videos using PowerPoint; with the help of an animated template known as the Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template.
The sample slides are available in animated form and you can make use of the given animations by simply adding your own text (and optionally images). This includes slides showing two stick figures texting, a protest, a fight between two people, as well as clipart for making your own scenes.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. To make it easy for you, I have added a gist of what I said on every slide in the black rectangular box.
This triangulation neatly reinforces your point, and it allows your audience multiple opportunities to connect with your idea and remember it, which is why it’s a technique often used by advertisers to reinforce that you should buy their product.
Just as a monotonous speaker can cause mental shutdown in an audience, repetitive body movements, and slides jammed with words can fatigue and distract an audience. When distracted by spurious gestures or a wall of bullet points, audience members have fewer cognitive resources available to remember the content of what you’re saying. Since you do not have to think about what to say, you can play with adding variation to your body movement without the distraction of speaking. However, be careful not to be too scripted or theatrical. For emotion to help you, it must be authentic and credible. Further, I have seen first-hand how emotion can elevate the involvement, impact, and memory of these types of presentations. He is also a lecturer at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business where he teaches two very popular classes in Strategic Communication and Effective Virtual Presenting.  Finally, he wrote the acclaimed business communication book entitled Speaking Up Without Freaking Out. If your microphone doesn’t work or your group can’t hear you, the whole presentation could be unsuccessful. Add videos, images, and music to your presentation and your audience will not only pay more attention to you, but also remember what you have to say. Add motorized shades to the room to prevent your audience from squinting their eyes and seeing glare on the screen due to the sun. How can you best use this time to assure that your audience actually does something with your information? One trick I use is to tell people right at the beginning what I want them to conclude from my presentation. In the Content Code speech, I emphasize the economic imperative for ignition — content that moves.
I had in my mind that I had to give them their money’s worth but my first students probably left feeling overwhelmed!
When you tell somebody about a speech you attended, do you relate five bullet points from a slide or do you re-tell a great story that connected to a main point? Somehow, he was not aware that the company he was skewering was the sponsor of the event, humiliating the organizers. If you can speak knowledgeably in the language of the industry, you will gain trust and attention right away!
If you are giving a talk to an unfamiliar audience, do some work ahead of time to discover the biggest problem you can help solve through your message.

Watch how the pros work their magic and I think you’ll start to notice these eight points shining through. Some people tend to forget this and dive into details, it always makes sure that they’re leashed to the right poles and they think of the information being disseminated in the same way.
A couple years ago I spoke at an event, and a listener told me later that I shared a lot of great information, but what sold it was that I was really funny onstage.
This can help you generate sales demos, video presentations and advertisements that can be shared across famous video streaming websites like YouTube or Vimeo. To counter these natural tendencies, you must diversify your material to keep people’s attention, with variation in your voice, variation in your evidence, and variation in your visuals.
However, for many presenters, especially those newer to English, this type of speaking is not natural. In fact, modern scientists are finding that our emotional responses have a fast track to our long-term memory. Home Theatre Solutions can add boardroom technology - including microphone systems, projectors and screens, and automated controls – to your St. The right projector and screen are essential components of any businesses presentation system.
Use climate controls to pick a comfortable temperature that won’t be distracting, and make use of automated lighting to dim the room when it’s time to show a video or PowerPoint presentation. My learning process was blocked because I had to re-orient myself every time there was a new slide. Since then, I’ve tried to learn everything I can about incorporating humor into keynotes. As you say, aiming for 3 key messages is a maximum because let’s be honest: we are not the only ones presenting!! It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. To find out how to convert a PowerPoint file to video format, see this post: How To Convert PowerPoint Presentations To Video Format. I often instruct less expressive speakers to infuse their presentations with emotive words, such as “excited,” “valuable,” and “challenging,“ and to inflect their voice to reflect the meaning of these words.
But both qualitative and quantitative academic research have found that when you triangulate your support you provide more compelling and memorable results.
So when possible, try to bring some emotion into your presentation, whether in the form of your delivery or the content itself.  This emotion will bolster engagement in the moment and memory in the future. Albert, Alberta business so that you make the right impression and get the message clearly across.SEE ALSO: How Can Integrated Control Enhance Your Boardroom? You’ll certainly want to decide if you want a stationary microphone, a wireless headset, or wireless handheld mic.
Traditionally, professionals have displayed their PowerPoint presentations on a large screen, however, today your audiovisuals should be able to support other programs as well like Adobe’s After Effects or other digital program. When you are the focus of the room and the star of the show, it’s crucial to have all the controls at your fingertips.
Since I already told them what the take-away should be, they are expecting this conclusion and can concentrate on the information instead of guessing what is next. Make no mistake, there is an element of entertainment that needs to shine through and it also helps you to be memorable! Patent and Trademark Office, with the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market, and in other jurisdictions. You’ll want a projector with a high lumen count and LCD or LED technology for brightness and high contrast for clarity.
Some people may want to have their hands free and walk around the room, while others may want to stay positioned at the podium. Pair it with a large high-contrast screen and your picture will be bright, rich in color and incredibly effective. Record the speech, broadcast it to your remote listeners, and stream the audio to different rooms in your building. Our team can connect the microphone system to your room controls to make it easier to set up and manage as well.

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