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It's my pleasure to share our goal and objective with you to allow you to better understand the specialty of this social platform.
The Chinese first came to Malaysia during the 15th century and settled along the west coast, mainly in Malacca and the island of Penang. MSM helps you to build and widen your social cycle, meanwhile bringing you JOY and FUN :-) Our goal and objective is to make your DREAMS COME TRUE, as long as you stay with us, there will be MIRACLE.
Known as Peranakans, the descendants of the immigrants use Hokkien cooking techniques along with Malay and Indonesian spices to create delicious noodle dishes unlike any in other parts of the world.Today, their influence on delicious Penang food can best be experienced at the hawker noodle stalls found in Georgetown and all across Malaysia.
Fujian food is known for the emphasis placed on the original flavor of the ingredients rather than trying to mask it with sauces.With no menus or posted prices, street stalls can seem intimidating to the uninitiated.
Join Us, Follow Us, and Trust Yourself, I'm sure you will meet up with new and special Malaysian singles friends through MSM ( It will be Your Second HOME ).

Thin slices of boiled egg, bean sprouts, shallots, spinach, and fish-based chili paste make this signature noodle dish unique from all others. Char Kway Teow is usually fried in pork fat and contains egg, prawns, fishcake, and soy sauce. Laksa: A favorite food in Kuching, laksa is popular all over Malaysia with style differing by region.
The assam laksa in Penang is spicy, sour, and fishy tasting while the laksa in Kuching is thick, creamy, and coconut-based.
Mee Mamak: This Muslim Indian egg noodle dish differs from all others by the fact that it is fried in ketchup!
Don't knock it until you try it - a blend of spices adheres to the sticky noodles creating a completely new experience.

Loh Mee: Two kinds of noodles are combined in an egg gravy to produce Loh Mee, commonly found in Penang. Wan Tan Mee: This distinctly Chinese noodle dish consists of egg noodles in a thin, pork-based broth with dumplings or wontons. Curry Mee: Just as the name suggests, curry mee is usually thin, mee hoon noodles in a coconut-based curry.

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