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Dubai fashion photographer and actor Omar Borkan Al Gala has been revealed as one of three Emirati men deported from Saudi Arabia this month for being deemed too handsome.
The men were ejected from a festival in the conservative Gulf kingdom as authorities feared women could become attracted to them, it was reported. According to Arabic language Elaph newspaper, the UAE nationals were taking part in a heritage event in the capital Riyadh when they were thrown out by Saudia€™s religious police. Saudi Arabia, a strictly conservative Sunni Muslim society, prohibits women from interacting with unrelated males. Disclaimer:The view expressed here by our readers are not necessarily shared by Arabian Business, its employees, sponsors or its advertisers. This is a completely mislead article, these men were deported because they were singing LIVE on stage which is against the KSA law.
Meet the ridiculously good-looking man who was reportedly told to leave Saudi Arabia for being too handsome. Omar Borkan Al Gala, an actor and photographer from Dubai, was given his marching orders along with a number of other men at a cultural festival earlier this month. With his perfectly formed cheekbones, captivating gaze and well groomed appearance, it’s easy to see why authorities felt so threatened by his good looks.
They were so worried, in fact,  they thought the United Arab Emirates delegates might corrupt impressionable women at the annual Janadriyah Festival.
Concerned women might suddenly start stripping naked and throwing themselves at the men, police seemingly decided the best option was to remove them from the country.
Others have speculated the men may have been asked to leave because of the unexpected arrival of a female UAE artist.
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Omar Gala of Dubai claims to be one of the men expelled from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome.

The men were in Riyadh attending the Jenadrivah Heritage & Cultural Festival, and according to Time magazine, they were minding their own business when the police entered the pavilion and whisked them away. According to the Arabic-language newspaper Elaph, they were removed for fear that women would not be able to resist them. The United Arab Emirates issued a statement after the incident saying the Saudi religious police may have been on alert because an unnamed female artist made an unplanned visit to the pavilion. While universities across the United States honor their newest graduates this Friday, many immigrants in downtown Manhattan are celebrating, too. Vietnam has transformed its communist economy to become one of the world's fastest-growing nations. The head of Qatar’s organizing committee for the 2022 World Cup insists his country's bid to host the soccer tournament was completely clean, despite the corruption scandals that have rocked the sport’s governing body, FIFA. When leaders of the world’s seven most developed economies meet in Japan next week, demands for infrastructure investment world wide will be high on the agenda. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton claimed a narrow victory in Tuesday's Kentucky primary even as rival Bernie Sanders won in Oregon.
As controversy continues in North Carolina over the use of public bathrooms by transgender individuals, personal struggles with gender identity that were once secret are now coming to light. An Iranian American comedian is hoping to connect with American audiences through a film that inverts some of Hollywood's stereotypes about Middle Eastern characters. Every city has problems, and local officials and politicians are often frustrated by their inability to solve them.
The gentleman was dancing inappropriately (by Saudi standards, of course) at a cultural event. President Barack Obama's visit to Vietnam later this month comes at a time when Vietnam is seeking stronger ties with the United States. While the reforms are incomplete, multinational corporations see a profitable future in Vietnam and have made major investments -- as VOA's Jim Randle reports.

Hassan Al-Thawadi also said new laws would offer protection to migrants working on World Cup construction projects.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s push for “quality infrastructure investment” throughout Asia has been widely viewed as a counter to the rise of Chinese investment flooding into region. Tensions between the two campaigns are rising, prompting fears that the party will have a difficult time unifying to face the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump. VOA’s Tina Trinh explored the ramifications for one couple as part of trans.formation, a series of stories on transgender issues.
Attend a function in the KSA, break the rules by singing and dancing live on stage, get deported then confabulate the whole 'being handsome' story. Many families objected, to which he was advised by security officials to stop the shenanigans or risk being escorted away.
Many Vietnamese Americans, especially the younger generation, are optimistic Obama’s trip will help further reconciliation between the two former foes. They mixed this story with another one where a famous female Emirati singer was present at a national cultural festival, to which a religious police (they're no exactly cops, though) member objected. Maryland, took up the challenge to solve problems they identified in their city, and came up with projects and products to make a difference. Now they have suddenly become international celebrities who are adored all over the world due to the numerous photoshopped photos going around,..
He eventually started creating a ruckus which led to the National Guard (present there) to kick him out, possibly leading to a suspension from his duties for behaving in appropriately and disrupting an important cultural festival. In this report, produced by Beth Mendelson, Arash Arabasadi tells us about one Afghan-American student who seems to be coping -- one shot at a time.

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