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The announcement was made Tuesday by Nick Grad and Eric Schrier, presidents of original programming, FX Networks and FX Productions. The Jay Baruchel-starrer, which takes a sweet and absurd look at the surreal life-and-death stakes of dating, marks the first original comedy series developed for FXX. Rich commented, “FXX gave us the freedom to make the show we love and they let us build some truly disgusting monsters.
FX once again is demonstrating its signature patience when it comes to new series, handing out a 10-episode second season order to freshman comedy Man Seeking Woman for a 2016 premiere. A sweet and absurd look at the surreal life-and-death stakes of dating, Man Seeking Woman stars  Baruchel as Josh Greenberg, a naive romantic on a desperate quest for love.
FXX has renewed its comedy series Man Seeking Woman for a third season, the network announced Tuesday.
Man Seeking Woman stars Jay Baruchel as a twentysomething bachelor who is trying to navigate a complicated and surreal dating life. Season 3 will run 10 episodes and debut in early 2017. Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. The comedy based on Simon Rich's short story collection The Last Girlfriend on Earth follows Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) as he seeks love in New York City.
There’s no question that Man Seeking Woman is not run-of-the-mill entertainment, but whether its weirdness will appeal or repel will depend largely on the openness of viewers to new, strange TV experiences. When you do sketch-style comedy, though, you’re only as good as your next idea, and in two subsequent episodes the situations aren’t as distinctive.
If this were a regular sitcom about a man trying to find a woman after a break-up from a long term relationship, I wouldn’t even care to watchIf this were a regular sitcom about a man trying to find a woman after a break-up from a long term relationship, I wouldn’t even care to watch it. Man Seeking Woman S02E01: "Wings"At this point—you know, the point where TV is shooting out new shows like chocolates on Lucy's conveyor belt—a series doesn't even have to be good to draw my attention, it just has to be different and original. I too felt the daughter arc fell a little flat, but respected them for following the absurd premise to its conclusion, and conceptually it was kinda cool.
The way you describe this, it sounds like a Scott Pilgrim TV show only without video game references.
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Per Deadline, he will play Reich Minister Martin Hausmann, a wealthy, high-ranking Nazi official who is also the estranged father of Luke Kleintank’s Joe. Just totally bingewatched my way across the first season of Next Class today and happy to hear a lot more is on the way! But it’s also wild, wily, and, depending on your taste for high-risk jokes that don’t always fly, wonderful.
Jay Baruchel gives Josh an appealing blend of desperation, gallantry and squirming calculation.

The ex's boyfriend becomes Hitler, the homely date becomes a troll, the sadnessThe amazing use of symbolism is what makes the show awesome. It takes situations that everyone has been in and completely over exaggerates them to the point ofOne of the funniest shows I have ever seen.
But it had a certain twist that made me watch this show in which the man’s (let’s call him Josh as he is the main character) first blind date after his break-up was a literal troll. This show is wacky, inconsistent and is all over the place, and that's what it'sWe all can relate to Josh in a way, seeking you're a man. It's still one of the most creative comedies out right now, and hopefully, more people will start watching this season.
The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Additionally, Man Seeking Woman, the first original series to launch on FXX, garnered strong reviews at its launch.
Man Seeking Woman was created by Rich based on his book of short stories, The Last Girlfriend On Earth.
I mean these ratings are even worse than Married, You’re The Worst and Partners last summer. And while that’s true, the series, starring Jay Baruchel and Eric Andre, and based on the writings of Simon Rich, is deserving of being labeled as more than simply a niche property or having the potential to become a cult hit. He’s carrying all the weight, though: The cast includes Eric Andre as Josh’s pick-up-artist best friend, Britt Lower as his sister and Maya Erskine as his ex, but none of their characters are more than foils. A Insightful, intelligent and hilarious take on the utter hypocrisy and idiocy in todaysLoving this show. Rich serves as showrunner and executive producer along with Jonathan Krisel, Lorne Michaels and Broadway Video’s Andrew Singer. That may be a tall order, given how wonderfully weird, imaginative, and unfailingly off-kilter the series is from episode to episode.
But given how entertaining and funny the second season premiere is – beyond its more surreal asides – it’s clear the show has become as comfortable in its role as a top-notch comedy as it is in being one of TV’s most original offerings.What makes the series work is in part the rich (sorry) material it has to draw from, but there’s more to it than that. A Insightful, intelligent and hilarious take on the utter hypocrisy and idiocy in todays dating arena. Man Seeking Woman carries itself with the rare sort of confidence needed to just let its freak flag fly.
It understands precisely what kind of television series it is and, more importantly, it knows precisely what it takes to make that particular thing work. Thank the television lords for Man Seeking Woman then, which is one of the most original freak-flag-flying series on the tubes, even in an increasingly crowded modern-day rom-com genre. What creator Simon Rich has done is take every man's (and occasionally woman's) hang ups and insecurities about dating and relationships and illustrate them in over-the-top surreal scenarios that exaggerate the issues but also make them relatable to anyone who has ever had sweaty palms trying to ask someone else out (in his vision, the guy would be gushing Niagara Falls out of his sleeves).
It follows the romantic misadventures of Josh Greenburg (Baruchel), an underachieving twentysomething looking for love in what should be all the right places – it is a television comedy, after all. Bro time became no time, and we can all relate because everyone knows that person who disappears into a new relationship and forgets their friends, and then comes bouncing back when things don't work out expecting everything to be the same.

It’s a simple conceit, and an easy way to sell the series, but, at the end of the day, it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what the show is capable of – and willing to – bring to the screen.
And though the out-of-this-realm metaphors seem to be so far away from reality, you should be watching Man Seeking Woman self-reflectively. Whether it is an alien invasion brought about by convenience store time-travel pills, as a way of illustrating the difficulties of getting over your ex, or a blind date so boring and mechanical it is with an actual robot, the series manages to find the least likely approach to its storylines, while, still pulling off even the most outlandish concepts.Baruchel is perfectly suited to splash around in Rich’s strange universe. While most relationship comedies want you to be invested in the on-screen relationships between imaginary characters who say and do all the right things, Man Seeking Woman wants you to empathize with Josh because you've been where he is before. He plays Josh with the kind of slightly nervous everyman charm he brought to his roles in Knocked Up and She’s Out of My League.
It makes you think about your past relationships, your single days, your sexcapades, and therein lies its charm and effectiveness.But then there are the "fantasy" sequences, and good god are they great. But he also brings a mordant quality to his performance that allows him to stare directly into the absurdity of his character’s situations without blinking an eye. To let Mike know that Josh was gone, two men from the military showed up at his door to break the news like so many movie scenes we've seen before. In the premiere, Baruchel shares a scene with an axe-wielding, undead lumberjack and later, his blood-drenched girlfriend Kelly (Sarah Gadon), and still manages to convey an intense interest in a particularly challenging jigsaw puzzle.
It’s a strangely layered performance that requires the actor to be self-aware yet oblivious to the rising tide of weirdness at the same time, and Baruchel (as well as his co-star Eric Andre) is well suited to the task.Andre was a standout in season 1, and in the early part of season 2 it seems as though the series is intent on expanding the role of his character, Mike. In the premiere, Andre shuffles seamlessly from bereaved best friend, who is notified by military personnel that Josh has a “really hot” new girlfriend and that “doctors say he may never hang again,” to a union representative trying to negotiate new terms for their friendship in the wake of Josh’s newfound preoccupation, and finally, as the single father of their child Sophie (Maya Lowe) – the manifestation of Josh’s abandonment of Mike when he began spending all his time with Kelly.If that sounds like a wild path to take in the span of a single episode, it’s because it is.
It's based on the real fear of being apart from the new-girlfriend smell you just can't get enough of and the jealousy of your new boo being in a cabin with some dudes she probably made out with in high school. But the strength of Man Seeking Woman comes as much from the universality of the complex, often uncomfortable emotions being tackled, as it is in the weird and unpredictable places each episode eventually finds itself.
So Josh went and the obvious happened: it was a bunch of people reminiscing about old times they had together while Josh sat there trying to catch up on their inside jokes. There is a nugget of truth driving the conceit of each and every narrative, making it strange and funny, but also giving the series the space it needs to be relatable and to ruminate on things like loneliness and insecurity and the pressures of finding happiness and love and success in a world that, at times, seems to literally be conspiring against you. And that's how we can all relate to Man Seeking Woman despite the fantastical scenarios. Love makes us do stupid selfish things, and the things Josh felt were exactly the things we've felt, too.
And I watch Man Seeking Woman and it all comes flooding back to me in the best way possible.
I don't think it worked as a metaphor about Josh needing to nurture his friendship with Mike back to health or missing out on so much of Mike's life.

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