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Alcohol is a common excuse for bad behavior, but when it comes to sexual aggression, a new study shows that it has nothing to do with how many drinks a man has had.
And when it comes to males, what better excuse for inappropriate behavior toward the ladies than a few too many drinks? Does that mean that all men are just on the prowl for drunk women that they can take advantage of?
Part of making women feel safer in a bar environment then is about empowering other people to intervene in aggressive situations.

As the authors of the study concluded, "Sexual aggression is a major problem in bars often reflecting intentional sexual invasiveness and unwanted persistence rather than misperceptions in sexual advances. Sure, it's easy to say that you insisted on talking to a woman even though she wasn't interested because you'd had one too many. Certainly not (or at least, I hope not), but the findings are telling in a culture where we're quick to blame the victim and not the aggressor. If you see someone in a situation that is clearly making them uncomfortable, say something!

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