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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Batman and Superman Saved the Day Through…Tentacle Sex?!
In a story that seems ripped from the pages of Weekly World News, or maybe just Captain America, we now learn of a comics fan who’s had subdermal implants, tattoos and part of his nose removed in an effort to make himself look like the Red Skull. Suddenly, that Superman fan who’s undergone numerous plastic surgeries to resemble the Man of Steel doesn’t seem so extreme, does he? According to the Mirror and Daily Mail, 37-year-old Henry Damon of Caracas, Venezuela, long dreamed of looking like Captain America’s arch-nemesis.
Damon, who now goes by the name Red Skull, had ridges implanted in his forehead and his eyeballs tattooed black before really committing to the role with the removal of the nose.

I don’t know what was weirder, the body mods or the anti-communist rant in the comments section. And now the married father has gotten his wish, thanks to Emilio Gonzalez, who dropped out of medical school to concentrate on tattooing and body modification. We’re big Captain America fans, and I once thought about dressing up as Red Skull for Halloween before I realized that I might as well dress up like Hitler. You’d know this if you bothered to pay attention to any class covering WWII and battles between Germany and the Soviet Union.
Venezuela is going through a tough time right now and is just a half-step away from being on the level of Cuba and North Korea.

Just watching videos on Facebook of the things occurring in Venezuela these days causes my fiancee to shed tears in fear of what her parents face just walking out their front door. I guarantee you this guy supports the corrupt communist leaders, so much that he’d undergo permanent body mutilation to show his fervor.

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