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Sexual Assault is any involuntary sexual act whether by coercion or force, and any other non-consensual sexual touching or behaviour. Anne Pasquale was raped her freshman year in college by an unknown man who was never caught. Artemis Her soul ended up in Tartarus after death and there she became a figurative bride or concubine to one of the ruling Princes of Hell named Dalkriig-Hath. Grace Choi ran away from her foster home and was abducted to become an underage sex slave from the ages of 9 to 12. Windfall was drugged and passed around by members of a fraternity at her college, who posted pictures online.
Cosmic Boy: Saturn Girl tried to use her telepathic powers to bring Cosmic Boy out of a coma. Green Arrow was raped by Shado while he was delirious with fever, believing her to be his girlfriend Black Canary.[24] This lead to the birth of their son Robert Queen.

John Constantine was raped by Swamp Thing and his wife Abigail when Swamp Thing possessed John's body without his consent in order to conceive their daughter. It is a commonly used theme or plot device in comics - and a frequently controversial one, which the DC Universe has seen dealt with it on many occasions.
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The local district attorney was father to one of the boys, and he refused to press charges.
It appeared that she'd succeeded, but instead she was subconsciously animating and controlling his comatose body; during this period they began dating, and Cos woke up at their wedding. This section of the article is incomplete, and contains information, but requires more before it can be considered complete. The sometimes violent nature of these acts make sexual assault a go-to crime for "darker and edgier" comic stories, which are sometimes perceived as cases of "fridging" a character.

Despite, being raped, beaten and tortured at first, at the hands of her "husband" and possibly other demons, she became accustomed to her "damnation", and adapted quickly.
This admittedly was not treated as "okay" so much as it was forgiven because Saturn Girl did it subconsciously, not on purpose. You can help the DC Database Project by editing this page, providing additional information to bring this article to a higher standard of quality.

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