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The show focuses on couples struggling to keep their marriages together as they try and work out their issues during the show’s concentrated therapy sessions. Tonight on the increasingly edgy season three of MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP: REALITY STARS, the lie detector results are finally revealed for one question posed to each person in camp, but held back until that moment. Do you recall that Hank Baskett refused to take the test that was administered in the very first episode of the season? SECRET LIVES OF AMERICANS: Exclusive Preview of Katie, a Veteran Who Needs ReliefCEDAR COVE: Will Civil War Bring Olivia New Clarity on All of the Men in Her Life Tonight?

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But nooooooo, each couple can ask one question of their partner, one and only one, so you know what the subject is. I was once a police officer (now retired) and when I took my polly, it stated that I lied about my name. Why would I lie about my name and they had a copy of my birth certificate which was proof of my name.

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