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Quizzes are popular in the digital environment, not least because computers find it so easy to deliver the questions and score the answers. Although many quizzes are primarily textual, the possibility is there to use every media element.
As a way, right up front, for the learner to find out how much they already know and how much they need to know. Clive is a consultant specialising in the application of technology to learning and business communications. And it makes sense too, because there are soooo many type of learning situations that are MUCH better demonstrated in person… And video is the next best thing! Our savvy users know how to make their youtube videos private so that they don’t show up publicly in youtube. We believe that quizzes are actually a great LEARNING tool, not just an assessment of rote memorization. Alrighty, I've rambled on long enough… Thanks Clive for the thought provoking article! 6 has to be "How to lose a guy in 10 days" since there is a guy in the loop and he is lost .
Given the largeness of all the other things I find C's presence surprising and very depressing.
If you make a mistake or the comment doesn't show up properly, email me and I'll gladly fix it :-). The Math Forum is a research and educational enterprise of the Drexel University School of Education.

In fact, if you were in your first week of a programming course, you’d probably have a go at putting together a multiple choice quiz.
Images can provide the basis for questions that test for recognition of people, objects or places or to locate elements within interfaces and other spaces. This is fine in principle as long as it really is possible for the knowledge and skills in question to be assessed by the sort of questions that a computer can deliver. This sort of diagnostic pre-test not only¬†demonstrates the need for learning, it¬†helps to direct the learner to content that is likely to be most useful. One way to create an engaging lesson is to use a series of quiz questions to challenge and then build on the learner’s prior knowledge. Unlike teachers, computers never get bored asking questions and they don’t lose their patience when the learner takes a little longer than expected to get the point.
Most cover the usual range of questions types – multi-choice, multi-answer, free text response, sequencing, matching, selecting hotspots and all sorts of variations.
He was previously Director of Training and Creative Services for a multinational corporation and co-founder of a major multimedia development company. Ordering them alphabetically by the letter of the question, I'd have to say that it goes like this: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j.
My thought process was that a lot of people would also think that there are way more poker hands, so I decided to include C to raise awareness of how terrible the Holocaust really was." I certainly didn't mean to offend or depress anyone, but rather educate - and at the time it didn't even occur to me it would put people off of the puzzle.
It's in Russian, but basically, it goes like this: "There are things that you won't count even if you would count for centuries. Quizzes are an entertaining diversion, particularly when delivered within the context of a game, with rules, levels, competition and prizes, but they can also play a useful role within a learning solution.

Video can be used to portray situations that test the learner’s ability to make critical judgements.
Just about any input device imaginable can be used as the basis for that interaction – key presses, mouse clicks, touches, the lot. To state the obvious, you might be able to check that a pilot understands the principles of aerodynamics using a quiz, but you can’t check they can fly the plane. All e-learning authoring tools come with a quiz making capability, plus there are specialist stand-alone tools, including ones that you can use for high-stakes assessments or for quiz games. Of course, that's assuming that that's the correct key to sort on; it could be anything, even the magnitude of the answers to the questions. I'm not sure what it is, I'm inclined to agree with Inception, but thinking it's The Jerk is something of "ineption." Oh snap! If the quiz comes right after the delivery of content (and the learner knows it’s coming), it is all too easy for the learner to hold on to enough of the information to get them through the quiz, but then forget it all the day after. We can probably all remember how possible it was to cram in information before an exam, only to see that evaporate almost as soon as we committed it to paper.
A much more valid test of knowledge comes weeks, months or years after original exposure to the information. And by using semi-open ended questions, that they tend to get a more deep understanding of the subject matter, than what a typical multiple-choice, or matching quiz or test can produce.

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