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Join other men working in the sex industry for brunch and chat together about life, love and work. Did you know?Should I tell my family that I think I’m gay?This is a very personal decision. The first time I encountered a Weinstein and Scarbrough cookbook was last year when I got Ham: An Obsession with the Hindquarter, which was recently nominated for a James Beard award. This year alone the pair have three cookbooks coming out, the first of which was Goat: Milk, Meat, and Cheese which will be our Cook the Book this week. Goat is actually the most widely eaten meat across the globe and in this book, the pair share recipes for everything from schwarma to goat cheese sheet cake with maple-goat cheese frosting. She picked her favorites cups of hot chocolate, and has also found the perfect dessert on Devon. The syndicated food columnists have been in the business for over a decade and have authored over 20 cookbooks, including the bestselling Ultimate Cookbook series. Part field research report, part cookbook, and part personal food memoir, Weinstein and Scarbrough's cookbooks are approachable, delectable, and hilarious. Recently, we talked to Scarbrough about how Goat came to be and his approach to meat eating. I consume it in near-appalling quantities, and I can't settle for the crappy stuff anymore. Maybe it's just because the ground is covered in snow, but I'm dreaming of summer picnics right now. Though she's an excellent cook, when my mother makes eggplant parmigiana, I have to go to a friend's house for dinner.

I would drive my family crazy by making complicated multi-layer cakes and brownies from scratch, using nearly every piece of cooking equipment in the kitchen. Lunch is a salad or sandwich eaten frantically while I'm doing work, so I prefer a leisurely dinner and glass of wine with friends. I love cooking, but I've only recently been able to confess that I'm not as great at it as I would like to be. While on an assignment about piano bars, I was logging into chatrooms and talking to people about NYC piano bars, which is where I encountered Bruce. I told our editor Luisa Weiss that I'd wanted to do a goat cookbook for years and she jumped on the idea. There's a story in Ham about how we have to drive our pig to slaughter and how painful it was.
Before, I wouldn't eat meat unless I knew where it came from, now I won't eat meat unless I can shake hands with the person who raised the animal. Today's food celebrities are so polished; Julia showed the world that it was okay to make mistakes. We had one rule: As long as I cleaned it up and made enough for everyone, they let me have free reign. I tend to call up other writers like Carly Fisher, Chicagoist's Anthony Todd, and, when it comes to dessert, my pal Matt Kiruoac.
Harper Collins was our first publisher and at the time, no one was interested in having any voice in cookbooks. I have a rancher friend who told me that it hurts every time he has to drive a cow to slaughter.

That's the rule I have in my own home, but I won't be a snob about it if someone invites me to dinner. Admitting this to the whole Internet!) I do have some family recipes that my friends love, including my Oma's spaetzle and goulash recipe that's perfect on these sub-zero winter nights.
It was the 1990s and books were supposed to compete with the internet; the writing was flat, straightforward, the whole point was just to dispense as much information as possible.
I don't like all of the finger-shaking in cookbooks and a cookbook about goat can get pretentious and condescending very quickly, so we take it back to reality and make people laugh. When everything is so mechanized and food comes cellophane-wrapped, you forget how tough it's supposed to be to kill an animal.
Bruce had already published a book about cocktails, so we slowly decided to collaborate on books. Goat meat is tasty, sustainable, lean, and despite being eaten all over the world, it's a cottage industry and it's a very clean meat to eat. It should be hard and I'm not being romantic about it, I grew up on a farm and I know how things go.
He quit his job in advertising, I quit my job in teaching, and we've been together for sixteen years and married for four.

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