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As you might know we are an official San-X retailer and currently stock nearly 1,000 products from the Japanese company. And today we start with probably the most well-known member of the San-X family: Rilakkuma bear and friends. Rilakkuma has a mysterious zipper on his back and you see a white cloth with blue polka dots when you open it, still nobody knows what’s inside Rilakkuma. The little white bear Korilakkuma is a friend of Rilakkuma, but sometimes also a little troublemaker. Enter your email address to subscribe to our blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

But even though most of our customers know the cute Rilakkuma bear, the Sentimental Circus animals or the little Mamomega seals, you might not know the story behind them. Rilakkuma is most of the time surrounded by his friends Korilakkuma bear and Kiiroitori chick.
He is a cheeky little fella who likes to make a joke and sometimes also enjoys annoying his friends.
As Rilakkuma is lazy and messy, Kiiroitori often scolds him, but ends up cleaning up his mess after him. Korilakkuma is also often mischievous towards the little bird, so Kiiroitori sometimes has a hard time with the two bears.

In the next weeks we will introduce 4 of the most popular San-X characters more detailed, tell you about their characteristics, relationships and friends.
This is why you always see him lounging on pillows, meadows, chairs, relaxing in cafes and so on.

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