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Being a Mum is exhausting no doubt, yet to me, it is the most rewarding job (I only wish we could get paid for being a full time Mama!). Network support for Mums as the name suggests supports Mums in their journey of Motherhood and of course parenting. If you have family around you to help you then that is ideal but in a country where you don’t have family, your network of Mummy friends become part of the family.
Disclaimer: Comments and entries represent the viewpoints of the individual and no one else. We were challenged to build a social network aimed at mums with the main purpose of the platform being, for mums to meet other mums for various reasons, such as meeting for “play” dates, making friends, discussions, joining groups and much more. We also believed the user interface would be a vital part of the platform as it isn’t a standard social networking platform with it being aimed at a specific user base. The site has some great functionality which had to be well thought through and was custom coded by our development team. The time spent on the design proven a great success as the end product in terms of user interface and user experience.
The site was launched at the start of August and has had a solid start with many user joining the site.
User Profile CreationUsers can set up their own profile and very specific information such as, profile image, address, age, their interests, style of parenting, how many children they have, information about their children and much more. User SearchUser can search for any other users on the site user various filtering such as name, location, interests, children and much more. If you have a web design project and feel we could be of assistance, use our contact form to the right or give a call on 0161 300 7759.
We will reply as quickly as possible and we can discuss how we can assist in your web design project. Taking place at Whitefield Library, this gathering will  allow mums, new mums, mums to be and those that support them the chance to come together and discuss birth from a positive angle.

Winnie-the-Pooh meets Her Majesty The Queen to celebrate 90 years of two much-loved British icons! Created in 2012 by two mums looking online for things to do for their families, the idea quickly grew and went from one area into a huge network covering the whole of the UK. Sharing tips, swapping advice and ideas are all important in a life of a Mother who wants the best for her children. A great amount of time was spent on the design, user interface and user experience to ensure the platform met all of the requirements and ultimately is easy to use for all users (mums). Some of the main features are creating profiles, messaging, searching users, notifications, matching and much more.
The functionality taken some time to develop due to the size of the platform as a whole with many features which are shown further down. Each user has a dedicated messaging section where all received and sent messages can be seen. From searching, the users can friend request, view the users profiles and message the users. We keep mums informed on everything they need to know, we help families make the most of life in their local area. The children’s centre room is huge and offers loads to do for your little ones whilst you have a look and try some slings. The first smile, the first tooth, the first steps…these are truly milestones to cherish forever.
Kensington Mums was created with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences and helping my yummy Kensington Mums learn from one another.
Motherhood can be a shock and without support Mums can feel isolated and can really struggle. The system is set up so each page dispalys random adverts, ensures all advertisers are receiving equal views.

Most mothers I know, including myself go through episodes of sleepless nights, teething, and continuous tantrums.
I captured so many invaluable word of mouth recommendations from other Mums that I would not be able to live without. Chatting about my concerns to other Mums cut a bit on the isolation and helped me develop further on my parenting skills. When users match, they receive notifications and can see all of their matches in a dedicated section of their profile. Mums need a support network as it is very common for new mums to feel overwhelmed and have this permanent fatigue. After having my second baby, the idea of having a bigger network support came to mind and in a sense created a passion in me to help mums outside my group of friends. I think it is always important to have some quality ‘me-time’ to keep sane, as I would like to believe.
It occurred to me that mums really need a network support so that they won’t feel alone in a haze of milky delight during the first few months of being a Mum.
Meeting up with other Mums and babies is good for you to get out of the house and to socialise, and off course form friendships. I personally used to find it very difficult to breastfeeding in public and one of my mummy friends made me feel at ease. Thinking about it now, without her continuous support, I would still be running home in time for feeding my baby.

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