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Tiffany Olsen's support group meets at Papa's Pizza in Springfield the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm!
The KEEP-P program is working on a project that is designed to enhance the outcomes of foster children, combined with improving the lives of foster parents and thier families.
Did you know we have a private facebook page for current Lane County foster or adoptive parents? Did you miss our training on the new Differential Response approach that DHS is implementing here in Lane County? Jounior League is once again offering a limited number of camp scholarships for foster children ages 5-17. A special deal this summer for kids in the Eugene-Springfield area that lets them skate, swim and possibly bowl a strike, all for one price. Also partnering with LTD and Willamalane: The Eugene Emeralds, Skate World, the Springfield Museum, and Timber Bowl. Organizers at LTD say the idea is to keep kids active and help them enjoy the different activities around town for an affordable price. When a child does not have a managed care plan (Trillium) for physical health coverage they have DMAP fee for service (open card). Did you know that you can sign up to receive email notifications when DHS updates new policies on their website?
Here are some handouts from Don Darland's training on Strategies in Successful Fostering. A new Foster Parent Resources website has been developed for the benefit of our certified foster and relative care providers. Are you a current foster or adoptive parent or currently in the process of becoming a foster or adoptive parent? We are excited to announce that we will now be working with Ashley Herbert from DHS to post on our private facebook page about children looking for placement. Kolkata Mayor Sovan Chatterjee, former Indian cricketer Laxmi Ratan Shukla in Mamata’s cabinet. Now you can have face-to-face conversations with your friends and the people you care about via Messenger.
Notifications are becoming one of the primary ways people first learn about things wherever they are. The Final Scores station from FOX Sports provides end-of-game summaries for your favorite teams. The Daily AM Forecast station from The Weather Channel sends a local weather forecast at the start of your day.
Hot New Trailers from Fandango gets you the newest trailers for the hottest movies as they drop.
Breaking News from CNN and Top Stories from Fox News deliver the day’s news headlines. Daily Meditation from Headspace brings bite-sized guided meditation exercises into your day.

To create your personal mix of notifications you select the stations from which you want to receive updates. You’ll receive notifications, delivered right to your lock screen, and a quick glance will keep you connected to the things that you care about throughout the day. It’s easy to share your favorite notifications with friends via text, email, Facebook or other social networks, right from your lock screen. Notify launches with a great list of sources powering multiple stations to meet a wide variety of interests, and we plan to add more sources in the near future. Notify from Facebook is available today in the US for iPhone and we’re excited to explore this evolving medium with participating sources.
Subsidies follow most of the children in foster care until they are 18 years old, and many employers provide adoption benefits. Nearly 30 percent of the children adopted from foster care last year were adopted by single parents. And yes, sometimes working with the state or county child welfare system can seem as though it is fraught with rules, processes and sometimes unresponsiveness.
And we will do it in a way that cherishes their childhood and their developmental needs so that they can grow and thrive within the birthright of every child – a safe and secure family of his or her own. You can read more about it in the following brochure or on the State of Oregon's website that is linked below. To meet this, the Northwest’s current foster care rates would need to increase by 93%!
This form is used for reimbursement for transportation to parental and sibling visits and out of school district transportation. This is a convenient way to pay your annual FAAPA membership or donate tax deductible contributions to FAAPA. It has a few different sections; shampooing, blow-drying, what to look for in products, etc. This offers moe info and is great to reccomend to DHS workers, family and freinds, and community supporters! Ashley will send information each week to post on the facebook page about children needing placement. Today we are introducing Notify, a new app from Facebook that delivers timely notifications about the things that matter to you, from the sources you love, all in one place. Sources like the ones above will publish notifications through these stations when there are relevant updates. If you want to see more, just swipe or tap through any Notify notification to open the link in the app’s browser where you can read the full article, watch the video, or view the site. If a notification catches your eye when you’re busy or distracted, just swipe to add it to your Saved Notifications list.
But opting out of the process based on myths or misperceptions about the children or the systems involved is simply a disservice to the 104,000 children waiting to be adopted. Federal and state tax credits are available, and assistance for college expenses of older youth is increasingly available.

More than half of the children waiting in foster care for adoptive homes are 8 or older, 30 percent are 12 or older.
The adoptive parents may decide to maintain contact with the child’s extended biological family based on what is best for the child, but that is a choice of the adoptive family. It is a complex system, but the professionals involved are as committed as you are to finding homes for children and want to walk you through the process every step of the way.
They are also working on a list of on-line resources for hair and skin care for African American children.
Our facebook page is a place where you can see posts about children who need a home, ask questions about foster care and the adoption process, get invites to our meetings and events, get advice on how to help with behavior issues or challenges your kids may be having, meet new friends that can relate to your daily life, and much much more! This is a great way to connect with other foster families, find out about events in our community, and to ask questions you need answers to! Notify also provides station suggestions based on your Facebook profile, and it’s easy to discover and add new stations any time.
You can discover all the notifications you’ve received from Notify in the last 24 hours via a convenient in-app feed so you can easily stay up to date. Unfortunately, each year, nearly 30,000 of the children waiting to be adopted turn 18 and leave the system without families.
There are a few 'rules' around how to respond if you are interested about learning more about taking these children into your home. These are the children who may fall back in to another state system without the support needed to grow and thrive. Share and post this link on your private facebook pages and recruit a handful of your own friends and family to contribute too.
If you are a current foster or adoptive parent please ask to be added to our private facebook group for more information. These children deserve our best efforts to find them the families we promised when they were permanently separated from their families of birth. Chris Sterling will be training us this month on how to understand and get support with your child's CANS assessment. This is an amazing resource and support for our families!FAAPA also has a new facebook page. This page offeres information on our group and will keep you up to date on all things FAAPA. Please share this page with anyone in our community to raise awearness about our non profit organization!

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