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So if you’re a single member LLC that is member managed and don’t want to pay an attorney or CPA to hold a meeting with you, you’re basically wasting your time because you’re not going to argue with yourself over anything.
If you have not established an LLC operating agreement, please take the time to use one of our free LLC agreements on the side of this page. Download the Sample Minutes of The First Meeting of The Board of Directors formThis is a free blank Minutes of The First Meeting of The Board of Directors example template in Microsoft Word format.
Sample Minutes of The First Meeting of The Board of Directors form © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved! Though this is annoying, keeping everyone on the same page will turn out to be valuable if you ever get in a disagreement.

We help keep your LLC in compliance with the State of formation by providing you an online account with helpful tools to manage your LLC. It is basically pointless for a single member LLC that is member managed unless you’re really holding a meeting with your CPA and Attorney to really go over the direction of your single member LLC. Everything with multiple member LLCs and manager managed LLCs usually flows quite nicely until someone is upset with the other member or manager.
Most states do not require you to hold an annual meeting to take meeting minutes of an LLC. Looking at the rules that govern your LLC and the agreement you have amongst yourselves may prove helpful in avoiding wrong interpretations or ideas of the management and affairs of your LLC.

If you’d like the ongoing support of a registered agent for your LLC, we’d love to help you.
LLCs were made as a hybrid of a Corporation and Partnership to create an entity that is easier to maintain. Basically every state has some type of law that says something like: Failure to hold meetings and uphold any internal formalities of an LLC does not constitute piercing the corporate veil or the validity of the LLC.

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