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Incline Bench or Dumbbell Press: (Upper Pectorals) Bench press at an angle of 30-45 degrees above the horizontal plain.
Decline Bench or Dumbbell Press: (Lower Pectorals) Bench press at an angle of 30-45 degrees below the horizontal plain.
Flat-bench Dumbbell Flies: (Outer Pectorals) Holding a dumbbell in each hand vertically, there should be a slight bend at the elbows.
Denim Oaxaca Boot Cut jeans is another hot choice for the young guys who want to look fashionable and brand recognized. Doublju Men’s Casual Straight Dark Blue Distressed Jeans could be the finest choice for teenagers. You can wear this type of jeans in college and prove yourself as the hottest guy in the campus. A bold and broad belt could go with it as an accessory that could make your overall appearance eye catching. The Ricky Super T jean for men indicating the best brand “True Religion” could give your young appearance a classy look. It’s available in both blue and black color which could enhance your fashion oriented personality. A pair of broad white joggers of levi’s with this pair of jeans could give you a stunning look that can never go without catching the attention of everyone around you.

Get your faded ripped jeans in blue and black color only as they will remain in fashion no matter what. Get the accurate fitting.  Don’t overlook the fact that jeans get a bit shrink after few washes.
If you have a true fashion sense, make your ripped jeans your style statement as soon as possible. The pectoral major is obviously the bigger of the two covering most of the clavier and sternum attaching to the upper arm.
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These muscles help in various functions at the shoulder like flexion, rotation and adduction towards the body. People all over the world love to wear ripped jeans in different colors mainly in blue and black. Pick out normal jeans, mark it from the places you want to torn it, and use the blade to cut those spots. Your ripped jeans will be ready within no time and you can wear it even without many accessories as it is itself a fashion statement.

Machines are used for assisted dips to help those who are not able to dip-press their own wait.
Yes, there was a time when shredded jeans were associated to people who were from underprivileged families and didn’t have money to get their new pair of jeans.
Doublju Men’s fashion ripped jeans can be the best choice if you are looking for 100% pure cotton and variety in Blue jeans.
Other than regular bench or dumbbell-press there are many other chest exercises that will benefit your pectorals. But in 21st century and with the emergence of new fashions and trends the same ripped jeans started to be considered as the part of latest trends.
The following list offers different chest exercises to ensure use of every pectoral muscle during a workout.

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