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It is commonly found in the lateral meniscus.  Discoid medial meniscus can occur as well but is rare in my experience. The diagnosis is made with clinical history and examination.  Usually an MRI scan is necessary to clinch the diagnosis. The treatment is usually arthroscopy.  The surgeon has to decide whether he can reconstruct the torn discoid lateral meniscus or whether he has to cut it off. This is my patient who is 18-years-old and she presented with acute locking and pain in the right knee.  MRI confirmed a torn discoid lateral meniscus.

Next, the torn part of the meniscus was repaired to the capsule using a combination of all-inside and inside-out meniscus repair technique. Steadman Philippon Research Institute and The Steadman Clinic designated as National Medical Center within the U.S.
Depending on the level of injury on the meniscus , surgeon will then recommend or to advise on the suitable treatment.
There are different treatments depending on condition which Dr.Kevin yip will advise during the consultation, if there is a need for a treatment or surgery.

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