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Here are the latest cool hairstyles for men that we have hand picked for you being cut and styled by the best barbers around the world.
There are a lot trendy and classic haircuts for men on our site, we are sure you can find your favorite hairstyles on our site.
Aside from the excitement that is stirring about the Gothic Influences, there are also reminders of other eras in styles that are reminiscent of the DA, the Pompadour and the scalp-hugging clipper cut styles of the 1950 s.  Famous men these styles bring to mind are Cary Grant, James Dean and of course, Elvis. Color is always a good way to get a point across or to make a statement.  Many more men are coloring their hair each season, and are becoming much more the “norm” than ever before.
If you wish to make a strong color statement, Gothic Black will be very popular in the coming year-as will very bright colors intended to highlight very strong, defined lines in a haircut.

You have many choices for the New Year, and hopefully this article has given you the information you need to be able to make an informed decision.  Whatever you decide on, Wear it Well and Have a Great Year!
Many men will opt for The Wet Look as a Style Option in 2013.  Everything from extreme “just stepped out of the shower” wet to just barely damp will be achieved using finishing products to keep the look all day and into the evening this season. Once virtually unheard of, men are becoming increasingly more comfortable with salon services such as color that were once considered strictly something that was for women. The following well-known men have been carrying this look for a good many years, Johnny Depp, Chriss Angel and any number of Modern “Gothic” men.  All right Gentleman, this brings us to the million-dollar question-How patient are you?  If you have a short haircut and want to be ultra trendy for the New Year, you will have to begin right now growing your hair if you want to look like the swarthy men of Gothic times. These choices should keep your interest piqued so you are not temped to give up on your ultimate goal.

This post is also taking focus on hairstyles that work great for thick hair and curly hair. Whether you want your hair short, a medium length, or longer there are cool styles to choose.
Style choices will abound for these cuts as well.  For those of you who have no desire to wear your hair long, trends or no trends-you will certainly benefit from the many style choices also.

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