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If your hair texture naturally gives a beautiful wave and it’s fairly thick, consider a medium length haircut. When you opt for a longer length or color accents, you need to watch every detail to get a stylish look that will remain 100% manly. Zac Efron belongs to the type of men who can cardinally change images when they change haircuts. In this picture Zac Efron’s hair is clippered short and edgy for a low-maintenance haircut, most men will go for without giving it a second thought.
Like any man, Zac Efron appreciates haircuts that you can wake up in the morning and go out, without having to bother yourself with any hair styling at all.
This fun hairstyle bears a distinct retro flair, but thanks to the evident messy touch, expressed through the sticking out ends, it looks absolutely present-day. An undeniable advantage of elongated haircuts is a chance to style your hair in many different ways, trying on extravagant hairstyles when an opportunity to make a brilliant display of such turns up.
This season’s easy-to-do-yourself and trendy hairstyles are associated with gelled looks. You need to have a good sense of self-irony to pull off a black tie look with a hairstyle that is literally messy. The black leather jacket and white shirt would look boring on Zac if he wore a classic men’s hairstyle. Well, as your see, haircuts and hairstyles of Zac Efron are a kaleidoscope of ideas, where every man can find something close to him or something that seems like a challenge.
For this hairstyle, Zac Efron's hair is clipped aggressively short on the sides and back and left finger length on top. Last night the Beverly Hilton Hotel held the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills. Johnny Depp rocks his usual Bohemian-Eclectic style with his long hair, glasses, chain, boots, and overall relaxed look., complete with no tie.
Most of the time when men think about updating or simply changing their look, they think about clothes and shoes. Though we all love the style of David Beckham, I just can't get with his latest hairstyle.
Celebrity Style Update: Usher, Zac Efron, David Beckham, Diggy Simmons, Lil Wayne and more. Usher, in Berlin for his tour rocks a pair of Dita Grandmaster Two sunglasses and a double-breasted military Burberry Prorsum Military Wool Felt Peacoat.
Zac Efron in Sydney, Australia hops out of an Audi (I only see him in Audis) Rayban aviators, a navy crew neck, and Levi's matchstick jeans. Lil’ Wayne in Las Vegas at Fruition boutique, wearing a limited edition Jeremy Scott x Fruition collaborative Bart Simpson crewneck sweater. Urban Gent Zac Efron running errands in Hollywood, wearing a navy cardigan, white henley, wayfarers, and black Vans.
Usher keeps it simple in a pair of grey and maroon Lanvin sneakersand distressed Ralph Lauren RRL jeans. Jay-Z out and about wearing a G-Star slim “Taylor” Denim Jacket, ripped jeans, Nike RT1 kicks, and Oliver Peoples “Daddy B” sunglasses. Zac in a black v-neck knit sweater, his signature skully, black Vans, and tortoise Rayban wayfarers. We usually refer to female celebrity hairstyles but the fact that many boys like to steal hairstyles of stylish male celebrities makes us think and discover the best male celebrity hairstyles.
Zac Efron Pompadour HairstyleThough Zac has short hair but he knows the ways to style it in stylish and beautiful ways.
David Beckham Backcombed HairstyleDavid is one of the most fashionable men who inspires boys.
Chris Pine Classy HairstyleIn spite of the fact that Chris doesn’t have too short hair for a too classy hairstyle but he has styled his voluminous hair in a neat and sleek form so that the result looks like an elegant hairstyle.

Justin Timberlake Undercut HairstyleShort sides and a voluminous top part which is neatly backcombed.
James Blunt Medium HairstyleHaving a medium length haircut James styles his hair in many shaggy and attractive ways.
At the recent Milano ModaUomo show, they declared they were styling men to look boyish and boys to look ‘manly’!
Sophisticated and sporty, the best haircuts 2015 for men also project an image of casual elegance which many believe will be a major trend in men’s hairstyles during 2015! Along with the best haircuts 2015 for men, the question of facial hair is another hot topic!
So it seems that the stubbly-chin look, which has never been out of fashion, is moving up to a more important role as a manly full beard or a fine moustache for 2015!
The Jared Leto look only works on thick, clean, healthy hair, so if your hair is receding or thinning avoid this haircut. As women’s hairstyles 2015 will be featuring lots of cool retro-1960’s looks, it’s no surprise that the 1960’s side-parting is a major trend in the best haircuts 2015 for men. If the 60’s side-parting and a full beard is going to make boys look like men, then how can men look more boyish? To look trendy and modern in 2013, Colton Haynes carries too short haircut with a spiky hairstyle. This well known celebrity carries a short haircut with a unique tone of brownish hair color. It’s going to be almost as low-maintenance as a short cut – no styling on a daily basis, only regular washing, conditioning, and a bit of a curl enhancer on a rainy day.
If you are open-minded in questions of style, consider color accents which work as a texture enhancer. This style doesn’t suggest any experiments with colors or lengths, but it stands out with its fabulous texture. The crewcut like in this photo suggests minimal to none maintenance, and it looks clean and nice. The dandy look flatters Zac Efron and brings out another facet of him as a men’s style icon. When your retro-inspired hairstyle succeeds to unite the present with the past, it’s the absolute success. Zac Efron is sporting the eccentric pompadour that is too good to pass it by without casting a second glance. Zac Efron certainly couldn’t leave this trend without attention, but, alas, it’s not his best hairstyle choice. Even if Zac Efron later regretted of his appearance with such a style the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, it was a bold style experiment we approve.
The grunge touch introduces a dissonance that (surprisingly enough) gives rise to the style harmony. Be careful not to overdo with the styling product, or your hair will turn into “greasy” instead of “wet”. I am the author of this blog, designed to provide you with fresh ideas on how to make your image exquisitely dazzling, genuine and breathtaking. He hands down does one of the best job of stylishly changing up his hair compared to other famous celebs with his hair type. He keeps it casual in a Stuntman Trucker hat, Ray-Ban gold aviator sunglasses, and Alife Chuck Naval sneakers ($125). Though Jay’s style game has stepped up as a whole, he still manages to have a few off days where his clothing is a bit sloppy. Usher wears a pair of Marc Jacobs 306 sunglasses, his favorite Ralph Lauren RRL jeans, and green Raf Simons multi-buckle sneakers.
While we're behind the scenes working, please enjoy our new articles, teasers, collaborations, and men's fashion, style, and grooming archives.

Here and right now we’ll speak about these hairstyle ideas for you to orientate which haircut you need for the future.
This pompadour hairstyle of him is a unique one to be copied by young guys who want to look attractive and need to grab attention. This is the trendy hairstyle of Justin Timberlake that brings his masculine face features out. He likes to combine this length with long bangs that hide his forehead and draw attention on his shiny eyes. The hair trends were dynamic and versatile – an important point these days when you may need to look professionally groomed at work, but prefer a high-fashion look for your leisure-time. Hair fashion pundits say the beard, in whatever style you choose, is definitely going to be an essential part of the best haircuts 2015 for men. The latest trendy spectacle frames are totally 1960’s in style, so that’s another strong pointer to the best haircuts 2015.
It can be gelled for a classic, glossy finish, or worn matte adding a touch of grunge to this totally cool retro vibe! Simple, choose a casual medium-length cut and tousle-up your curls into an adorable messy schoolboy look, complete with a straight across fringe at the front! These hairstyles are carried by some well known Hollywood celebrities to look different and trendy. This year, to look stylish and trendy he carried a short haircut with the wavy hairstyle and also with a dark hair color tone. This year he carries an amazing and attractive haircut which is short haircut with a messy and rough hairstyle. He had thick hairs so he carried a short and messy hairstyle and he looks amazing in that haircut.
Having combed it onto your face and to a side, you’ll get a stylish look of a guy who takes an interest in current hair trends.
He effortlessly pulls off the style with highlighted feathers and cute, edgy flicks on the sides. Contemporary men’s haircuts are considered successful when they are not static and monolithic. If you like haircuts with the elongated top section, for a night out in club or a party, style it upright, defining the spikes with a medium or strong hold product. His appearance, his head and face shapes, to be more exact, benefits more from hairstyles with some volume on top that has an elongating effect.
When styling your hair for every day wear, give your preference to pliable styling products which do not dry hard and give your hair the precious feel of movement we see in most new hairstyles from Zac Efron. He always keeps it denim focused in Wrangler… a little too much, hmmm, maybe he’s their unofficial spokesperson of sorts? As spiky hairstyles are very requested for 2016 you may copy this very spiky hairstyle of Jensen.
Remember that the centre-parting only suits men with oval-shaped faces, as it can look awful on the wrong face shape.
We have figured out that good looks (meaning modern and stylish, not necessarily very attractive physically) contribute to your ultimate success in life in regards to both its personal and professional facet. To get it you need to apply some hair gel on your top part and create a spiky effect with the help of your fingers. Just cut the sides in a too short style and leave the top part in its long form to get the desired seductive hairstyle.
Must watch them these hairstyles may be helpful for you to carry new and trendy look in 2013.

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