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Style & Grooming5 Online Shopping Picks For MenMake sure you get the best quality when you shop from one of these retailers. Style & Grooming5 Looks For The OfficeSteal the show when you wear one of these outfits to your office.
Style & Grooming5 Wedding Looks For GuysLook your best on your special day- if she allows you to choose your own outfit.
Style & GroomingGrooming Rituals That Improve Your Appearance In The MorningSome guys wash up like they're stripping paint. Style & Grooming6 Rules To Follow When Buying SuitsWhen chosen properly, a good suit can last you a lifetime.

Subscribe now to receive the latest Men's Health news, articles and promotions straight to your inbox! But that doesn’t give you the excuse to have flaky white bits on your scalp, your hair, and on your clothes. Not only does dandruff lead to embarrassing social situations, your date will also be thinking twice about wanting to run her fingers through your hair.
Manage Oily Scalp Research shows that Malassezia species cause most skin diseases in humans, including dandruff.
Combat StressEmotional strain increases oil secretion on the scalp, and causes its barrier to weaken.

Boost Scalp Barrier When the protective barrier of the scalp is weakened, microorganisms, pollutants such as cigarette smoke, and UV rays may irritate it.

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