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There is a fascinating article in New York Times this weekend on the growing business of self-published books. In 2006, before Amazon supercharged electronic publishing with the Kindle, 51,237 self-published titles appeared as physical books, according to the data company Bowker. With the barriers to entry on self-publishing being minimal, hundreds of thousands of writers have jumped the bandwagon. When my book Offshoring IT Services was first published by McGraw Hill, India, it was a big deal for me.
Now, there are over a million practitioners of the craft of offshoring but I guess the market for offshoring books hasn't grown. If I were to self publish Offshoring IT Services, would I be willing to spend hundreds of dollars like Mr. One is the one the one pertaining to my former employer and offshoring giant "Judge Throws Out Palmer Case Against Infosys" Offshoring services industry is sure to breath a sigh of relief, especially in the context of American election year focus on global sourcing.
Besides the sensational titles, the blog posts are perhaps a case of the same old wine in new bottles.
Political reason: It is election year and economy and job-creation rhetoric is bound to veer towards outsourcing, which has already started to happen.
Practical consideration: With a prolonged economic slump, protectionism in western countries is bound to continue to be a stated policy. In my past life working for offshoring giant Infosys, I had seen more than a few North American and European natives jumping through the hoops to get hired.
A few years ago I wrote a viewpoint on Indian technology firms hiring in North America (re: Getting Hired in a Flat World). Even with continued political pressures and immigration hurdles, it is hard to picture Outsourcing Firms turning their back on offshoring. This said, I would be hard pressed to bet against TCS, Infosys, Wipro and other software service firms that have been known to beat the odds before, without altering their offshoring DNA. Amid the euphoria over Olympics, news of the worst series of power blackouts in global history occurred in India, impacting millions of people, bringing renewed attention to the crumbling Indian infrastructure. Reading accounts of the blackout in the media and hearing debate about it on NPR, I am left to wonder if the international media is making a bigger deal of it than it really is? While all this brouhaha will probably lead to a vague call to action, there will be very little soul-searching on the role of businesses in Indian government and society.
The average aam aadmi - average Joe- in India, just like business is trying to get by, survive and thrive in a bureaucratic system.

If businesses and aam admi are not in a position to demand change, can media, armchair analysts, bloggers and digerati do it alone? In this blog and website, I attempt to explore some of the topics on technology, business of technology, globalization, immigration and other topics of interest to me me. These views, links and comments are, obviously, not that of my employer, colleagues others except where explicitly mentioned. Want to know more about me? Microsoft released its Surface tablet device in late October with its Windows RT operating system. The light tablet and sleek design is similar to other devices but with a slightly larger, lower res screen that is said to be actually easier to read. In comparison to the Apple iPad, the Surface has better productivity with the ability to have apps open side by side and better for multi-tasking. Microsoft Surface is currently available with Windows RT and the Windows 8 Pro is set to launch in early 2013, the major differences being that the pro has intel core processing to run PC software and larger hard drive. The Windows RT does not have the intel core processing but ARM based chip design and acts more like a tablet with RT apps to download.
The book was not self published and  McGraw Hill dedicated resources for editing, publishing and to some extent "marketing" the book. Just when I thought curved edges in everything – cars, cellphones, logos - was cool, Microsoft flips it around and tells us square edges are in! This is an incredibly exciting year for Microsoft as we prepare to release new versions of nearly all of our products. Sure, CIO’s or their proxies sometimes have to sign off on invitation letters - for staffers of sourcing vendors - which are attached to visa applications.
The few that survived and thrived in the offshoring culture were those who brought in niche Sales and technology Consulting skills. Most of the hiring "onsite" in western regions was primarily in consulting and sales support.
There is bound to be a lot of soul searching among the digerati and political class on the recent power grid failures in India.
Growing up in different parts of India even in the seventies and eighties, we were accustomed to scheduled and unscheduled blackouts (aka load shedding), especially in summer months when the grids would get overloaded by demand! Competing with the Apple iPad 4 and Android tablet devices such as the Google Nexus 10, Asus Transformer Pad and Samsung Galaxy Note.
However, with a slower graphical performance apps taking a little longer to open and less flexibility in what the device allows you to do. The pro also weighs a little more but is designed to be used as a small laptop as well as tablet device much like the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T.

The selection of apps available is a lot less when you compare to the wide variety to download through Apple and Android devices, but then as a newer product this can be expected.
However, the Windows 8 Pro is looking to be at around the ?1000 mark if it is to act as a laptop as well as a tablet. For instance, there are still not many formal, university level courses in Offshoring Management though there are some MBA courses that focus on aspects of globalization or international business.
From Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8 to Xbox services to the next version of Office, you will see a common look and feel across these products providing a familiar and seamless experience on PCs, phones, tablets and TVs.
Most western governments that have stringent work-visa policies require similar support letters and documents.
As is to be expected, there are several angles the Fourth Estate in India and media around the world are going to be examining.
And this was in an era much before the heralded-India Shining-economic-boom with an insatiable demand for power and energy.
The keyboard can attach to the tablet as a touch cover at ?80 or type cover at ?110, with the touch cover a little harder to get used to and the type cover more comfortable to use. If you are looking for a little bit more flexibility in design and more space it may be worth the extra wait and cost for the Surface Windows 8 Pro.What are your thoughts? In my book (Offshoring IT Services), I had quoted the late management guru CK Prahlad who observed how the mobility of (young) Indian technologists contributed to the success of offshoring. Consulting and sales continue to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to staffing roles at offshoring firms. Not just the media and career analysts, everyone and their cousin is bound to have their opinions on crumbling infrastructure, inept governments etc etc; Non-Resident Indians like self included.
This means, the aam aadmi is neither vested in the system nor has the tools to hold the government and society accountable. Are you waiting for the new Microsoft Surface Tablet or will are you waiting for the next big thing from Apple iPad? The corporate marketing team from my then employer, Infosys, bought a lot of copies to distribute to clients. The basic DNA of Indian software service firms is to offshore work from client locations in the west, to India and elsewhere where it continues to be cheaper to hire a majority of staff.

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