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Apple Music streaming is now free as well as an upgrade to the next iPhone 6S or 7 with no money out of pocket.
Apple Music: Streaming Family, Individual & Student Plans Now Cost Same Price T-MobileiphoneBest Cell Phone PlansJump! Email * T-Mobile is courting Apple fanboys hard this summer offering Apple Music and upcoming iPhone 6S or 7 (whichever the newest Apple smartphone will be dubbed) deals that are hard to beat. Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, will no longer walk down the aisle with her adopted brother Nick Gordon.
The company, known for turning the mobile industry on its head with its “uncarrier” plans, announced Tuesday two additional perks for customers with iPhone T-Mobile plans. Now fans wonder if Whitney's family put pressure on the 19-year-old to call off the engagement.

Twitter Users React To News That Legendary Skateboarder Died In Car Accident According to (false) news reports, Tony Hawk died in a car accident today. T-Mobile T-Mobile CEO John Legree shared that Apple phone users no longer have to worry about letting apple music connect over cellular. The company is now adding Apple Music to its Music Freedom program, which means customers won’t be see any data disappearing due to streaming Apple Music on the go.
Customers can stream Apple Music anytime, any amount they want and it won’t count against their monthly 4G LTE data plan. Jones' recent "filth" comments while promoting the final season of their show and the video is making waves online.
T-Mobile Besides adding free Apple Music streaming, Legree also announced some tweaks to T-Mobile’s   JUMP! Although Windows Phone 7 devices won't be able to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system, Microsoft will be releasing a new upgrade specifically for Windows Phone 7 devices. Allows T-Mobile users to upgrade their phones up to three times in the course of a year for just an additional $10 a month fee.
To sweeten this deal Legree shared that the company would now be allowing customers to purchase a brand new iPhone 6 16GB for just $15 a month with trade-in.

The phone would normally cost you $27 a month so you are saving a pretty penny there, but even better than that, the company is promising customers a free upgrade to the newest iPhone 6S or 7 (whichever it may be) this fall when it is released with no money spent out of pocket.This deal is pretty awesome for both current customers and new customers considering the switch. It comes as just part of the many ways T-Mobile is working to change the mobile phone service game.
This summer the company has been offering numerous new deals to its customers such as expanding the simple plan coverage to include unlimited calling not only within the United States, but also to Mexico and Canada.
Find out what Konami had to say about possible future plans for releasing Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360.
Families can get four lines or more for just $30 each and every member gets 10GB of data – not to share but per each.To learn more about everything T-Mobile has been doing this summer to shake up the mobile service industry check out the video of Legree’s announcements below, or visit T-Mobile to see if there’s a deal that is right for you.What do you think of T-Mobile’s new Apple Phone friendly plans and service?

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