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Everyone talks about the best celebrities around the globe, but one must also be aware of the most wanted criminals in the world. Although not too old, Edwin Earnest was involved in a murder case and is being searched by the FBI for this serious crime.
The American born teacher looks quite innocent, but he is wanted for possessing child pornography. The Russian born businessman is involved in numerous frauds and is also wanted for involvement in prostitution business. An award of $1, 00,000 will be given to the person, who has some information about this drug dealer. Charged with numerous murder and drug trafficking cases, Glen Godwin is one of the most wanted criminals at present.

Charged with numerous crimes including bank heist, armed robbery and links with terrorist groups, Victor Gerena is right on top of the most wanted criminals in the world.
Hopefully, by putting their crimes and faces all over social media, they could be caught sooner rather than later, and helping their victims get some peace. It is suspected that he lives in Durango; the person who finds any information about him will be given $1, 00,000. The records suggest that he has got a plastic surgery and also got his fingerprints changed in order to keep his identity hidden.
He was caught in 1987, but escaped four years later after killing his mate inside the prison. He is suspected to be living in Cuba these days and there is a price of one million dollars on him.

This list shows wanted killers from organized mob bosses, to people who’ve murdered their own family members.
The La Mara Salvatrucha gang linked murderer has been underground for quite some time, but anyone who finds information about him will be awarded $1, 00,000.

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