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If you are a Muslim guy in relationship with a Hindu, Sikh, Jain, or Buddhist, this is the site that has lots of information for you.
Right or wrong, but she and her family may be stereotyping you based on what they have learned from the media about Muslim boys. 2) you may have got attracted to her innocently and may continue the romantic relationship without thinking too seriously.
4) you have a clear intention of cheating her (read Dara), telling her what she wants to hear as far as she lets you milk her and later dump her. A real Muslim?Let’s assume you want to be truly respectful to her and her beliefs and don’t believe in religious conversion of your spouse. This World is for every one; be that Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Jains and atheists.
I have just told my aunt about my 34yr old muslim bf(as my parents passed away a few yrs ago), I am a 25yr old Hindu girl in a relationship with a turkish muslim boy.
During your dating period, you may keep convincing the Hindu (or Christian, Jain, Sikh) that you don’t have to convert, you respect her religion, there is only one God so why to fight for it, I don’t give a damn what my Muslim society would say, I am tired of my own society, we are victim of the media but is not true, etc.
Just to please imams and parents, why not Hindu fake-convert to Islam (but you will allow her to practice her faith behind doors)?

We know a (former) Hindu girl who performs Krishna pooja every day in her home, while her Paki in-laws think she is a Muslim and are very proud of her.
However, every religious leaders tries to prove that only they have the true religion and others are wrong. You may be sincere saying all these at this stage, but did not realized reality of your life. Another Muslim guy, married to a Hindu, greets all Hindu relatives saying “Jay Shree Krishna”!! Religious institutions have vested interest that division should continue among people, otherwise they will not have money to pay their utility bills. A little background: We have been good friends for 2yrs now, and live separate, he doesnt expect me to convert ever, and I have confirmed this with his parents.
If she doesn’t have intention of following Islam, why to fool Allah, Islamic institutions, imams, your Muslim relatives, and most important, to you?
Her Muslim boy friend is willing to marry a Jain without conversion, will not eat meat when she is around, will have children with non-Arabic names, is bowing to her (Jain) Gods (see SRK performing pooja), is taking part in paryushan, will raise Jain (and Muslim) children and teach them from both scriptures. However he is economically and academically from a weaker background, so I understand that I too will be working and he is ok with that.

How could you trust someone who can give up her religion as easily as changing her hair colour (read Vikas)? I told my aunt truthfully that we are friends and as he has asked me I need her guidance on whether it will be good or not to go ahead with this relationship.
I am scared to hurt anyone in my family and also dont want to make a decision that will hurt anyone. In the end, she will curse you for making her do that she had no intention of (read Nirmla, Madiha, Anita, Roma, Anita, Leona, Loving a Muslim, ). But I do know the issue about his economic and academic situation is going to be a big issue apart from the fact he is muslim (as he wont ask me to convert). I wanted some insight into this as I dont want to hurt anyone and also want some clearer perspective if its a good idea to take things forward.

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