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Make a great first impression with a professionally designed layout and email addresses matching your free* domain name. The Internet is now the first port of call for Kiwis looking for information about businesses like yours. We’ve taken the time, hassle and cost out of getting a website so that you can get on with running your business. Shine a spotlight on your products, services and work, with the easy-to-use Gallery feature. You can manage all of your Atlas website email addresses from your existing everyday email account.
If you have Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts, you can link them to your MYOB Atlas website.
Choose from a selection of professional website layouts and colour palettes to add a touch of personality to your website. Atlas has a range of professionally designed themes to frame your content and help make it more visually compelling. You can add images with supporting descriptions, sort into categories so they're easy to filter, and showcase your favourite gallery items on your homepage. If you’ve enabled selling through your website, customers can even make purchases from the Gallery. Your email address says a lot about your business, so it’s important it represents you in the best light possible.
Once you’ve created your website and chosen your professional email addresses, setting up email forwarding is easy. When a customer sends an email to your new address, it gets forwarded to an email account of your choice (for example, your Gmail account) and appears in the inbox. Then, you can enable sending with your current email provider so that emails appear to come from your new email address, even though they are all managed out of the one inbox. MYOB Atlas makes it easy to transform your website into an online store and sell products or services.
By adding e-commerce functionality to your website, you can sell to a larger audience on a global scale. Your website already has simple e-commerce features built-in, so if you want to sell products or services, you just need to activate the online store – no technical skills required.
Without having to rely solely on local store traffic you can expand the reach of your business dramatically. Your domain is your identity on the internet and just like the real world, it’s all about location. Once you've created your website with MYOB Atlas, the next step is to help your prospective customers find you. Your MYOB Atlas website works on mobile phones, so customers can find you anywhere, anytime.
As part of your MYOB website you can claim a free domain name, link an existing domain name, or purchase additional domain names to make it easy for prospective customers to find you. Make sure the website address you choose is a memorable one, so it’s easy to find online.
You can build and protect your online brand and location by purchasing additional variants of your domain name.
It’s something that used to require a fair bit of technical knowledge and it could also be quite expensive to set-up, but with your new MYOB Atlas website it’s easy and free!
We automatically submit your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo to make it easier for people to find your business online. You can start by analysing visitors to your website with site traffic statistics, and the top 3 search keywords visitors used to find you. For more detailed analysis and advertising for your website, it’s easy to integrate with popular Google tools.

By setting up a Google Analytics account, you can track visitors and gain an overview of how they're interacting with your website.
Get online with your free MYOB Atlas website.You only need a phone number, IRD number and 15 minutes. Whether you want to be a business owner or be more valuable as an employee these courses will give you direct insight into how successful and professional business owners operate.
Our Small Business courses use the structure of nationally recognised training subjects originally delivered by our founder, Maggie Richardson, and is combined with real world interviews with successful business owners and small business experts. Delve into ideas, possibilities, new products and markets and new approaches to existing problems or difficult areas in an existing business. Everyone is in business to ultimately earn revenue and make money and we’ll show you the important information to be aware of, how to get it and how to read it.
Whether you want to be a business owner or a business manager you will find the training you need all in one place. We are so confident in our small business training courses that we offer a money-back guarantee.
If you have heard about us from a friend or by a professional recommendation and just want to get started you can enrol for all of our courses at the Enrolment Page. Maggie Richardson, has helped over 1000 people go through this process and she has written several books about starting a business in Australia, which is available to order from this website. Our Academic Board consists of business services professionals like Chartered Accountants, writers, sales coaches and business owners and they have contributed to the small business course with real life scenarios and examples. Most of our support team have completed the course or operate their own independent businesses.
A small business mentor is someone who has been or is currently involved in business and the person you work with and we offer course mentors or professional mentors. Imagine being able to listen to the business insights on a regular basis with entrepreneurs — all from the comfort of your own home or office! You can now be privy to invaluable tips and information from proven experts in business — all in an informal and interesting way, just as if you were sharing a cup of coffee with them, via our Business Owner Interviews.
Our casual interview-style presentations will give you insight into how successful business owners and managers do their work.
You can now learn from a professional in an animated and absorbing way and listen as they are asked questions about the topics they know.
Our book, ‘Starting a Business in Australia’, addresses the multitude of issues that small businesses face; such as choosing the best structure to maximise profitability and minimise tax, and practical, real-world info on financial planning, marketing, business planning and more. For a limited time only receive a Discount Voucher worth $300 with every purchase of this book. We maintain an active small business blog with hints, tips, comments regarding all aspects of small business operations and you are welcome to subscribe to receive these blog posts in your email when they are published. The Digital Business Email Course includes information about domain registration, website content and online marketing and Google Analytics. Maximizer provides web based instant views of up-to-date cash, sales, cost, expense, profit, and debtor’s analysis, as well as budget variances. If the idea of handling all of your customer communication requirements in 5 minutes per week over a cup of coffee appeals, the youGROW is a must. Employment Hero is a partnership with leading employment lawyers, payroll legends and HR specialists.
From paperless onboarding, through to employment contracts and policy templates developed by employment lawyers, you can rest assured that your business remains compliant. Meridian Tourist Providing a complete solution for Irish Tourist sites for nearly two decades we can now introduce Meridian Tourist to the Australian Tourist market.
If you’re a small business owner, MYOB and Westpac have teamed up to give you a free* website. And add simple design elements like logos and banners to help your website really stand out from the crowd.

As well as browsing the Gallery your website visitors can submit questions using a handy online form.
Giving your customers the option to buy from you at a time and place that suits them means you can operate around the clock and increase your chance of making sales.
Or if you've purchased multiple domain names outside of MYOB and linked them to your website, you can set one of these domain names as your website's primary domain name.
You can measure their performance using Conversion Tracking, to log visitors who click on your ads and complete specific actions on your website.
We go through the research stages to best understand where these new ideas fit in the market and we explore fundamental risks and business structures and how to manage them. You’ll learn about market targeting and choosing the message and call to action in both online and offline marketing mediums. For those who want to understand the process behind successful selling you’ll understand what to look out for and how you can sell by just helping people get what they need. This area includes hiring the right people and managing those people so they understand the importance of their role. This starts with the costings and break even analysis of new products, includes sales forecasting but ultimate ends in profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow reports. These people are available to help you succeed with your goals, keep you on track to achieve your goals or simply help you navigate around the course and learning management system.
Course mentors are available to act as a sounding board, share their own stories as well as use our educator resources to help you complete the course subjects. Find out more about the book. It would make a great gift idea for a student of business or the entrepreneur of the family!
The RIC Group deliver the right solution which increases insight, collaboration and awareness and uses mobile technology to do this. It does so by providing a simple set of dialogues to connect to your accounting package as well as a simple mechanism to download this data into Microsoft Access or SQL Server databases. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it delivers all the tools that you need manage employment from hire to retire. Well, join thousands automating time & attendance, rosters, timesheets and industry awards in the cloud. Using 4 digit pin codes and photo verification the real time attendance data is synced directly with your Tanda account. Have you built an add-on or integration which shares (or could share) data with MYOB accounting software and services? You’ll also explore basic pricing and break even scenarios and explore an introduction to marketing and how this fits in with product selection and development. Pricing comes into this area because product defining can help you better understand the cost base and therefore the required retail (or wholesale) pricing. Your operations management enables you to automate and system the business so that anyone can come in and perform the work.
You’ll learn about how you can use this information to raise capital or exit the business and understand important metrics that should be viewed and managed very regularly. If the cost of staff has you worried, you can even build cost-based rosters to lower your expenses.
You’ll look at the difference between value based pricing and charging an hourly rate (ideal for businesses involving professional services). It means that all your team members can refer to a written document ideally and understand how to resolve issues and successfully deliver the service.

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