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This post is because sometimes humor is healing, even cathartic.  It is also because sometimes, I have dreams that make me laugh!
Additionally, men who use to edit their selfie before posting them on social media platforms scored high both in self-objectification and narcissism.
Researchers said that their findings contradicted previous social belief that men wouldn’t even bother editing their selfies.
Jesse Fox, lead author of the study, said that it was no surprise that men who post a lot of selfies and spend time editing them would score higher in narcissistic behavior.
Researchers also said that self-objectification usually leads to depression and bulimia in women. However, this toxic method of obtaining self-esteem through external validation is a self-reinforcing cycle.
The study involved 800 men aged 18 to 40 who completed an on-line survey about their selfie posting behavior on social media. However, study authors said that all their study participants scored within the socially accepted range of such behaviors.
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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. After decades of reinforcement, the 21st century male has been fooled into thinking the photo-fit of modern masculinity looks a little like 007.
Adam Driver and Lena Dunham in Girls If this leaves you unconvinced that Adam is a commendable poster-boy for masculinity, you’d probably be right.
If you meet someone with really cool traits or that people really like, take on that persona as your own.  Remember #4.
Researchers also found that male selfie-fans have underlying insecurity issues and are prone to self-objectification just like women do. Self-objectification means somebody values themselves for their physical looks, rather than other positive traits.
Fox said that men involved in the study who edited their selfies had high scores in self-objectification. They also linked the growing use of social media sites to people becoming more concerned about how they look. People usually tend to post selfies to get positive comments which make them post more selfies that trigger more feedback which encourages them to post even more selfies.
The results showed that women who usually post selfies also scored high in narcissistic and psychopathic behavior.

However it is not Sackler’s strengths that makes him a realistic beacon of manhood, but rather his (many) faults. Everyone is out to get you and everything that happens in life is because you are a victim of what someone else is doing to you.  This is a very important rule. However, this behavior is representative for women and gay men, so it has been rarely studied in heterosexual men. These people usually post selfies to get social recognition and artificially build their self-esteem by positive feedback and likes. But then nor is he the effete, blubbering metrosexual "new man" we hear so much about either.
No, if the melting pot of modern male complexities and insecurities is visible in any character of contemporary fiction, it is in warped mind of Adam Sackler from the US comedy series Girls. Encapsulating the blurred lines between good and evil, he is a doomed creative that jumps from one idea to the next without even getting halfway through.
A recovering alcoholic, he spends the majority of Girls’ first season summoning Hannah (Dunham) to his grubby apartment for increasingly perverted lovemaking.

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