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Haha, my initial thought was, Hinata's going to jump in and gentle fist Sakura in the face.
Last we saw Sakura - she was fawning over Sasuke when the random 'fodder' ninja asked her out. Thus - I'm going to have to say that it's probably us English speakers who appear crazy to the Japanese. People it was a NaruSaku moment despite if it was a joke or real(it was a joke) nothing else..

So remember when I said that nothing was set in stone and that knowing Kishi, it could go either way? Minions are the main characters in the film "Despicable me 2" which earned positive reviews from critics and has become a massive box office hit by its huge income reaching over $822 million.
Naruto estan a muy pocos dias de un enfrentamiento y deben tener muchas energia para entonces pero estan pasando un momento fuerte de desanimo. Wallpaper and background images in the Hinata Hyuga club tagged: hinata hyuga with naruto naruto shippuden.

The series games about minions consist of Minion Rush, Minion rescue, Minion impossible, Bee Do The Emergency Minion Response, Make your own unique Minions with Minion dress up. Help minions find as many bananas as possible in Search Papoy and there are a lot of other interesting minion games.

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