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With a simple sum that only has two numbers and one single operation, or sign, it’s easy to see how to calculate the answer.
BODMAS is a useful acronym that lets you know which order to solve mathematical problems (or sums). You need to do the operation, or sum, inside the brackets first, 3 + 2, then multiply the answer by 4. Do anything involving a power or a square root next (these are also known as orders), again working from left to right if there is more than one.
Once you have done any parts of the sum involving brackets or powers the next step is division and multiplication. Multiplication and division rank equally, so you go from left to right in the sum, doing each operation in the order in which it appears.

Start from the left and work across to the right, which means that you start with 4 ? 5 = 20. When all your operations are the same level (for example, all division or multiplication), simply work from left to right. Try these sums yourself and then open up the box (click on the + symbol to the left of the sums) to see the workings and answers.
When there is no sign like in this sum, the operator is a multiplication so the sum is 5 ? (3 + 2) + 52.
Division and multiplication come before addition and subtraction, so your next step is 5 ? 5 = 25. Although you still have two operations left, addition and subtraction rank equally, so you just go from left to right.

Sums like this often do the rounds on Facebook and other social media sites, with captions like '90% of people get this wrong'. The more you practice, the easier BODMAS becomes and eventually you won’t even have to think about it any more.
As so often, there are some simple rules to follow that help you work out the order in which to do the sum.

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