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With many users and also business organizations taking the route of web-based software’s and mobile apps, there are millions who still prefer the traditional route and depends on Microsoft Office to have their work done on an everyday basis.The Office 2013 and the Office 365 offer online storage of documents. In no way does Newsinitiative claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner.
The difference being that Office 365 receives constant updates and it allows you to access and function through Office while you are away from your PC.
The use of animations has undergone a heavy improvement and it had made the simple transitions more fluid. On launch, these applications throw up various templates and different basic functions offered by Office.

This is a great improvement as it directly offers you ready-made designs and templates which otherwise would not be known or considered by the end user.MS Office Going ONLINE!The Microsoft Office also allows integration with the online storage options of the Microsoft platform. A vast amount of effort has definitely been put it to make Microsoft Office tablet and touch-screen friendly.Word- A Great Improvement! There is also a new node that gives you access to the navigation pane which can be used in lengthy documents.Microsoft Word also bookmarks documents automatically the particular page you were accessing last before shutting it down. On re-opening that document you get the option of resuming operations from where you left the document last. As we said before, that cloud computing is also an area where a lot of time and effort has been invested in by Microsoft; the bookmark goes along with the document irrespective of its saved location.

If the document is saved to SkyDrive, the other Office 2013 suites will also throw up the bookmark as it would appear on the same PC.Excel- Analysis Becomes HeightenedMicrosoft Excel 2013 has some of the best features in the Office 2013 suite. There is also the functionality to add screenshots and also to add art from various sites from within the application.

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